Charge your smartphone with sunlight. A solar charger is a clean, comfortable and efficient way to keep our devices with battery charged everywhere. This type of charger makes us independent from the plugs and allows us to move freely and perform all kinds of outdoor activities without worrying about the battery.

Charge your smartphone with sunlight

When we decide to buy a solar charger, we have to evaluate some factors:

Battery capacity:

We must consider how we will use our solar charger, if for example we want to charge only one smartphone; the capacity of the battery between 2000 mAh and 3500 mAh should hold up enough with a solar charger with this capacity, thus doubling the autonomy of our phone.

If we want to recharge a laptop we would have to apply the same rule, taking into account the battery capacity of a laptop that is higher (about 4000-5000 mAh). Today the most popular solar chargers are 12000 or 24000 mAh, with which we can charge multiple devices at the same time.

Solar panel power supply:

It is not so decisive, but the greater the power of the solar panel (measured in watts), the faster it will be the absorption of solar energy. A 10w panel will charge a smartphone in half the time of a 5w. The power of a solar panel is related to the size and quality of the photovoltaic plate.

Compatibility with your mobile devices:

Usually there is no problem since almost all the chargers have connectors compatible with most smartphones. However, it is important to take care of this factor before buying a solar charger.

Output voltage:

Chargers usually have one or more 5V outputs. The fastest has up to 9V. The mobile batteries are generally 4V, so a charger with 5V output is sufficient.

Now that we know what it is important to consider when buying a solar charger, we offer you three affordable solar chargers that will give you much autonomy.

Charge your smartphone with sunlight – The best solar chargers

Poweradd solar charger

This battery has 12000 mAh, a capacity more than enough to charge your devices, with the ability to connect two at a time. For example, it is able to charge a Samsung S5 3 times. Its panels reach a power of 44W, with an input of 5V/2A and two outputs of 5V / 2.4A. It has a powerful three-LED flashlight and a built-in cigarette lighter. In addition, it can be used in all types of conditions as its IPX7 degree of protection provides water resistance and resistance to impacts and dust.

AKEEM solar charger

If you need a more powerful solar panel, you just found it. You can charge three devices at the same time with a 2.4 V output. To give you an idea, it has the ability to charge an iPhone 8 up to 8 times. In addition, you can also charge it at home, with a micro USB or a Lightning cable.

BigBlue solar battery charger

If you are passionate about the mountains and adventure in general, this solar charger is ideal for getting lost in nature and do not worry about the battery. Being removable, you can adapt it to the backpack while the smartphone is in your pocket. Resistant to rain and fog, it has two USB outputs and a large power of 28W.

What do you think of this alternative energy? Have you ever had a solar charger? Do you want to buy one? Present your ideas here.