Download iPhone XR Wallpaper in HD for your smartphone

iPhone XR: preview stock wallpapers and official wallpapers of the new smartphone |Download Wallpaper Stock Officials for iPhone XR

iPhone XR Wallpaper HD

Here are all the official wallpapers to download for free in HD.

Are you always looking for the most beautiful, special and highest resolution wallpaper for your smartphone? Well it’s finally time to get our hands on the new iPhone XR stock wallpapers.

While we wait for the iPhone XR to arrive on the market, a few days ago, the stock wallpapers and the official smartphone wallpapers appeared on the web. And of course we are ready to let you download the complete package including all the original wallpapers of the new device.

iPhone XR Original Wallpapers And Stock Wallpapers

The backgrounds of the iPhone XR are 12, all colorful (like the smartphone) and perfect for the LCD screen of the low-cost smartphone by Apple.

The theme is the same, only the color shades change so as to better adapt the wallpaper to the color of the smartphone.

If you also want to download the iPhone XR high resolution wallpapers, here is the direct download link:

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