Download Nokia Camera 91.9 APK For All Android

APK file of Nokia Camera is available for download, which allows you to have the Nokia smartphone camera software on all Android devices. Download Nokia Camera APK

A few hours ago, a new version of the APK file is available for download, allowing you to download and install the Nokia Camera on all Android smartphones

As you probably know, the Nokia Camera is one of the best cameras currently available on Android since it allows you to take pictures of excellent quality, offers automatic and advanced features very comfortable and for a few weeks also supports the detection of the face in 3D and allows you to apply fun AR effects on people’s faces completely automatically.

In short, the Nokia Camera is really great and I recommend everyone try it on their Android device to try a different shooting experience, fun, original and more complete.

If you also have any Android smartphone upgraded to Oreo (8.1 or 8.0), then I suggest you download the latest updated version of the Nokia Camera to download and install in a few clicks on your device.

Download Nokia Camera 91.9 APK

Without unnecessary loss of time, HERE you can download the APK file of the program.

It is compatible with many Android smartphones, but not with everyone.

The only way to find out if the Nokia Camera works on your device is to download the program, install it and try to start it.

Only in this way, you will be able to see if the Nokia Camera works on your Android.

How to install Nokia Camera 91.9 APK

The installation process is simple and fast and is the same as that which must be followed with any other Android device.

You must only:

  • download the APK file directly to your smartphone (or download the APK file from a PC/Mac and then transfer it to your smartphone)
  • install the APK file with any file manager

Few and simple steps to get the Nokia Camera on your Android.

What news and features does the Nokia Camera offer?

The interesting and exclusive features of the Nokia Camera on Android are really a lot.

Among the main points I point out:

  • PRO mode really super complete and easy to use, with many settings dedicated to the most experienced photographers
  • mode with Bokeh active to take blurry photos quickly and easily
  • slow motion mode for slow videos
  • time-lapse mode
  • support for Google Lens
  • possibility to take pictures with motion effect (it is recorded a few moments before and after shooting)
  • support for 3D AR effects (in Animoji style by Apple and Samsung to understand)
  • ability to take single photos, with picture-in-picture effects and dual cameras (shoot with both front and back simultaneously)

and so much more!

More animoji for everyone thanks to the latest porting of the Nokia camera

One of the innovations brought by Nokia 6.1 were the Personas 3D, which is the HMD version of Apple’s animoji or Samsung’s Emoji AR. The name changes, but the substance remains fundamentally unchanged: it is three-dimensional emoji built from their own face and then characterized in various ways.

Unlike those offered by the Korean giant, the version offered by Nokia can not boast a vast park of Disney-themed characters, but from today can be implemented on almost all ARM64 smartphones updated at least to Android Oreo.

And thanks to this article you too can try this feature on your smartphone!


So, what are you waiting for to try out the Nokia Camera on your Android smartphone?

I’m using it on my OnePlus 6 updated to Android 9 and I’m super satisfied.

Let me know on which smartphone you install it, if it works and what you think. Have fun with the Nokia Camera!

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