What does “Unsafe” mean in Google Chrome?

For several years, Google has been working to improve the security of users who choose Chrome to surf the web, especially with the adoption of the HTTPS protocol, which uses encryption to make navigation safe.

You will have read the words “Not secure” in Google Chrome and do not know what it means, this warning is related to the HTTPS protocol just mentioned.

The HTTPS protocol, which stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure, protects the exchange of data between the user and the server hosting the site being visited.

Encrypted protocols prevent data and information exchanged between server and user from being read and stolen by hackers; until not long ago HTTPS was fundamental for the exchange of sensitive information such as payments and login, but today it is considered essential for securing the navigation of the site.

A strong signal from Google came with the update of its algorithm that led to reward all sites that use the HTTPS protocol in order to encourage the transition to safe mode by those who have not yet done so.

This move has led to good results with an increase of over 50% of the sites that have decided to switch to the secure HTTPS protocol.

What does “Unsafe site” mean on Google Chrome?

“Unsafe site” on Google Chrome is shown when the browser realizes that the site is not using the secure HTTPS protocol for browsing.

When a site is safe a closed green padlock is shown to the left of the address bar the word “Safe”, this choice was made to make users aware of the type of connection they are using to navigate a website.

How to make the secure connection on Google Chrome and other browsers

Do not you want to see the “Not secure” sign next to your website? To pass to the HTTPS protocol, an SSL certificate (AlphaSSL Certificates) must be installed on the host that can protect the user browsing the pages of the site.

After installing the certificate, some hosting offer it for free, while others provide more complete payment solutions, just redirect from HTTP to HTTPS and check that everything is configured correctly, especially if the site was created with a CMS.

If everything has been done the right way, you will no longer see the word “Not Safe” next to the Chrome address bar when you access the site.

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