To download subtitles for a video on YouTube you can download the video completely or not using websites (web apps) or programs that also download subtitles in .srt or embedded in a single video or playlists.

As we all know, however, Google has opened a hunt for sites that allow downloading videos from YouTube and many of them are coming out of thin air. Here, I will share two suggestions that, at the moment, still fulfill their role.

How to download YouTube subtitles (.srt download)

If they do not work, we will look for other options. It’s worth noting that these solutions do not work to download embedded subtitles in the editing of videos, only the .srt files that were created on YouTube, through the subtitling feature.

Understood this, here are two options.

How to download YouTube subtitles without downloading programs

If you do not want to download the full video you can use sites. Most do not have https (not secure) and display a lot of advertisement. Some of them allow you to download only the .srt file embedded in the video or generated automatically by software.

As they run in the browser, they can be used in the mobile phone (mobile version).

Using downloaded subtitles on YouTube

You can also use Google Chrome plugins, such as Subtitles For YouTube, to use the subtitles you already have or downloaded. Just add dragging and dropping captions over any video. The extension also supports search and use of subtitles directly from and in all languages.

How to Download YouTube Caption (4K Video Downloader)

If you do not mind downloading software, you can download the complete 4K Video Downloader. The program is available for macOS, Windows and Linux (Ubuntu). The software allows you to download videos, playlists, channels and subtitles from YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo and other video sites in high quality.

In addition to downloading videos in Full HD (1080p), HD (720p), 4K and 8K resolutions and enjoy high definition videos on your Smart TV or other devices, the program downloads notes and closed captions in .srt format or built-in for a single video or full playlist in one click to your computer.

  1. Download and install 4k Video Downloader;
  2. Open the program on your computer;
  3. Access the YouTube video on your preferred browser;
  4. 4K Video Downloader will recognize the link and activate the “paste link” button;
  5. Click paste the link into the program and choose download settings;
  6. In “Download Subtitles” choose which subtitle file (if there is more than one);
  7. Click “Download” and download the video (or just audio) with YouTube captions.


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