The Windows 10 has a tool called Area Remote Desktop, which from past versions was always very helpful: it allows another user, or the owner himself, take control of the system from another computer, is to solve problems, or have access to files.

In Windows 10, Remote Desktop has become more versatile, allowing access also through MacsiPhones and Android phones thanks to a dedicated app.

How to Use Windows Remote Desktop 10

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to set up and access Windows 10 Remote Desktop from either a Windows computer or from a Mac, iPhone, or Android phone.

How to Configure Windows 10 for Remote Desktop Access

The first thing to do is to configure the computer that will be accessed remotely by enabling Remote Desktop.

  1. Click StartSettings (the gear symbol), System, and then Remote Desktop;
  2. Enable the Enable Remote Desktop key. Windows 10 will ask if you want to confirm the change, just click Confirm;
  3. Under How to connect to this computer, Windows 10 displays the computer nameWrite it down as it will be required to access the desktop.

With Remote Desktop enabled, it’s time to add user accounts that will be allowed to access your computer if you do the procedure on a device other than a Windows computer (such as an iPhone or iPadMac, or Android phone).

By default, your system administrator already has access, but if you need to add others, follow these steps:

  1. In the same window, under User Accounts, click Select users who can remotely access this computer;
  2. Windows will list the system users already created. Select one or more, and click OK;
  3. If you need to create more users, open the Control Panel and click User Accounts.

And ready.

How to Access Windows 10 Remote Desktop

There are two ways to access a Windows 10 computer already configured to access Remote Desktop: via another Windows computer, or via a dedicated app available for macOSiOS (iPhone and iPad), and Android.

1. On another Windows computer

This is the simplest method, and only requires the user to know the name of the computer to be accessed, or its IP. Through another Windows computer, it is not necessary to have a user account created in the terminal to be accessed.

To find the IP of your computer, do the following:

  1. In the Windows Search field, type Command Prompt and click on the tool;
  2. At the command prompt, type ipconfig and press Enter. Windows 10 will display the IP of the computer.

With IP and/or computer name, it’s time to access the remote desktop:

  1. In the Windows Search field, type Remote Desktop Connection and click the tool;
  2. Under Computer, enter the name of the computer you want to access, or your IP, and click Connect.

That simple.

2. MacOS, iPhone or Android

To access Remote Desktop from a Windows 10 computer on a non-Windows device, you must use the Microsoft Remote Desktop application, available for macOSiOS(iPhone and iPad), and Android.

To use it, however, it is mandatory to know the name of the computer you want to access, and have a user account that is registered in it. Microsoft has implemented these measures to make it difficult for outsiders to enter.

  1. Open the application, click the + button, and then click Desktop;
  2. In PC Name, enter the computer name;
  3. Click User name, select Add user account and enter your login and password in Windows. If the account is online, use the e-mail linked to the account as a login;
  4. Click Save;
  5. Back to the home screen, click the desktop icon that appeared.

At last, you’re already connected to the Windows 10 Remote Area through your Mac, mobile, or tablet.


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