The Skype can provide important information about its users, for example, the IP address of the same. For a number of reasons, from confirming identity to someone’s location (something very useful in investigations), there are ways to get such data by having only the user’s name in question.

How to find out the IP address of a contact on Skype

In this guide, we teach you what you need to do to find out the IP address of a contact on Skype, with some simple steps.

How to find an IP address with the Skype username

To find out the IP address of any Skype contact, you need two things: first, the person in question needs to be online on the platform, and second, you need to know the username (or Skype name) of the contact. It is with him that we will trace the electronic address of the individual in question.

  1. Open Skype and click Contacts;
  2. Select the contact you want to know the IP, right-click, and then click View Profile;
  3. On an iPhone or Android phone, tap on the contact and then again on the name of the same;
  4. In the Profile submenu, the user name appears in Skype Name. Write it down;
  5. Access the MostwantedHF website;
  6. In the User field, enter the username of the contact;
  7. Check the Captcha box, and click Resolve;
  8. If the user is online, the site will return the IP address of the site.

And ready.

With IP in hand, it is possible to know where in the world the person connected to use Skype. To do this, go to the Find IP site and check the e-mail address. Even if it is not 100% accurate, it will inform the city where it is.

There are, however, a few things need to be considered: first, the method is not guaranteed. If the user in question uses a VPN to connect, the IP address will not be the real one.

Secondly, such information should be used very carefully, as they are very personal and, in the wrong hands, can cause harm to everyone involved. So, only use this procedure in the last case, and only if you find someone’s IP address is extremely necessary.


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