iOS 13: how to download the public beta update

How to download iOS 13 and try new features on iPhone and iPod Touch before the official release.

iOS 13: how to download the public beta update
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Apple released the first public beta of iOS 13. The new update is now available for download and installation on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

Many new features are coming, but for the test of the facts we will have to wait until autumn, when iOS 13 will be released along with the new iPhone 11 range.

iOS 13 promises to be an exciting version, offering greater performance and speed, the new Dark Mode and improvements to native apps like Maps, Reminders, Notes, Messages.

For users curious to try iOS 13 before the final release we have compiled this guide. Here’s how to download and install iOS 13 beta on the iPhone.

iOS 13 beta: release and download

Apple has made available a first beta of iOS 13 dedicated to developers registered in the Developers Program in early June, immediately after the announcement of the “major update”.

The public beta of iOS 13, according to Apple’s declared intentions, should have been released no earlier than July. Instead, the company anticipated the release, thus giving even ordinary users (non-developers) the chance to try out the new features of iOS 13 before its release in September.

The public beta of iOS are not stable versions, the features still need to be perfected and may contain hidden bugs, problems and risks for the device. We also remind you that all the features announced by Apple during the launch event will not be available immediately.

From July until September, Apple will release a beta series of the new update until the release of the final stable version ready to be installed on all compatible devices.

The iOS 13 Beta Developer available from June 2019 can be downloaded with a developer account or the developer beta profile.

The iOS 13 public beta is available for download using the developer account or by installing the iOS 13 Beta profile.

To install the official version iOS 13 there is no need for an account or profile, and the download is available directly from the device (Settings> General> Software Update).

Below we show how to test the new features of iOS 13 before the official release.

How to install iOS 13 in preview

Everyone can download the beta version of iOS 13, provided they have a compatible device. Users who test preliminary versions of operating systems can report bugs and other problems so as to allow the company to develop a final version that is as efficient, stable and user friendly as possible.

If you have decided to install the beta version of iOS 13 we advise you to equip yourself with a spare iPhone or iPod Touch, avoiding updating on a device for daily use. Before proceeding, it is useful to create an archived backup of the device so that it can be reset and restored in case something should go wrong or you want to go back.

To make the archived backup:

  • Connect the iOS device to the computer and start iTunes
  • Click on the iPhone icon to access your device
  • Backup your iPhone
  • Go to the Preferences menu and select Devices
  • Choose the Archive item

How to download iOS 13 beta on iPhone

  • Go to the Apple Beta Software Program website
  • Click on Sign up (if it’s your first time) or Sign In (if you’ve already registered in the past)
  • Log in with Apple ID and password
  • Accept the terms and conditions on the user license
  • Choose the beta of the operating system that interests you and press Enroll your device
  • Press the Download profile button and then Allow
  • Exit the page and complete the installation by going to Settings> General> Profile> Install
  • Enter the iPhone unlock code and press Install, then confirm with Restart
  • The device will shut down and restart. At this point go to Settings> General> Software Update and install the update as you would with any new version of iOS.

The update weighs about 2GB, so it may take some time to download. Once the update is ready to be downloaded, press the Install Now button to complete the update. To check that the procedure has been successful, simply go to Settings> General> Info.

Once registered in the Apple Beta Program, new versions are received as they are released. A warning will appear on the display to indicate the availability of the new version: to update simply go to Settings> General> Software Update and proceed with the download.

Which iPhones can download iOS 13

As announced by Apple, all iPhones from iPhone 6s onwards can run iOS 13. The list also includes iPhone SE and iPod Touch 2019. iOS 13 will not be available on iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, which remain at iOS 12.

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