How to download latest version of Google Play Services (download APK)

The services offered by Google acquire, day by day, an increasingly important role within our mobile devices thanks to the hard work of developers who, thanks to new APIs, have the opportunity to develop better applications. If you are not yet familiar with these interesting features do not miss the APK that will let you know and install on your device the latest update of Google Play Services.

What is Google Play Services?

When we talk about Google Play Services we refer to a preinstalled app that offers a series of services that are updated automatically by Google, regardless of the Android version present on your device. This rather mysterious app seamlessly integrates all the services offered by Google apps, such as Google Maps and others, as well as integrating important security features and allowing synchronization of the Google account.

The app works in the background so you will not have to worry too much. You can check the version installed on your device by accessing Settings> Applications> Google Play Services.

Which version to choose?

If you have ever tried to find a version of Google Play Services you will know how you could be overwhelmed by an avalanche of seemingly meaningless numbers and versions. To find out which version is the right one for your smartphone you have two ways: the first is to check the version installed on your device and check the first three digits in brackets in the version number, the second and calculate it yourself but it is not a solution very safe.

To understand which version is the most suitable for you take as a reference the three digits we need by calling them XYZ.

The X varies depending on the version of Android:

    • 0 is for Android <5.0
    • 2 is for Android 5.0 and 5.1 starting from Play Services version 8 onwards
    • 4 is for Android 5.0 and 5.1 for versions of Play Services earlier than 8, for Android> = 6.0 for later versions
  • 5 is for Wear OS
  • 7 is back for Android 5.0 (the difference is not clear here)
  • 8 is for Android TV
  • 9 is for Android 8.0+

The Y varies according to the CPU architecture:

  • 1 is for armeabi
  • 3 is for armeabi-v7a
  • 4 is for arm64-v8a
  • 5 is for mips
  • 7 is for x86
  • 8 is for x86_64

The Z changes according to the DPI of the display:

  • 0 is used universally, nodpi
  • 2 is for 160
  • 4 is for 240
  • 6 is for 320
  • 8 is for 480

We must pay attention to particular cases:

  • It seems that 7YZ versions have become 4YZ with Google Play Services 6.5. If in a version preceded at 6.5 you had 7YZ now you have to use 4YZ
  • It appears that the 4YZ builds have been separated with Google Play Services 8 in 2YZ and 4YZ. You have to use 2YZ if your smartphone mounts Lollipop or 4YZ if it mounts Marshmallow
  • 014 is for Android devices <5.0 with an armeabi CPU and 240 DPI
  • 438 is for Android 6.0+ devices with armeabi-v7a and 480 DPI CPUs
  • 876 is for Android TV devices with x86 and 320 DPI CPUs
  • 940 is for Android 8.0+ devices with ARM64 CPU and in the nodpi category

Download Google Play Services (APK)

To download correct version I leave you to the always up-to-date and secure APK Mirror site where you can find all the possible versions and always keeping up with the latest updates. Before downloading an apk, however, verify that you are able to install it.

Have you installed the latest version of Google Play services on your Android?

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