Download Video From Openload: Most Simple, Fast And Free Way

Do you want to download movies and series from Openload for free and fast? Here’s how to do it

Download Video From Openload: Help

Looking for a way to download videos and movies from Openload? Are you getting crazy because you can not download videos from Openload?

No problem, today I’ll explain how to achieve your goal in a few simple steps, and of course in a completely free way.

You just have Google Chrome (or Firefox) as an internet browser and install a free and powerful extension: in a couple of clicks you can download all the videos you want from Openload for free and without registration. 

Let’s not waste time in chatter, let’s go straight to the point and see how to download any video from Openload. 

Professional Video Downloader to download videos from Openload for free

As anticipated, thanks to the Google Chrome internet browser and to the Professional Video Downloader extension you can go to Openload and download all the videos directly to your Windows or Mac computer, for free and without registration.

After the download, you can watch the video downloaded when you want, where you want, without internet connection.

Point out, just out of curiosity, that Video Downloader professional supports all internet streaming sites (apart from YouTube and Facebook), but in this guide we will see how to download videos from Openload for free,  we will not deal with other sites, even if the method it does not change and always remains the same.  

But let’s not waste time and let’s immediately see how to download videos from Openload. 

IMPORTANT: this guide is for illustrative purposes only. Use it to download movies, videos and TV series NOT covered by copyright. On the internet there are many free and without copyright. If you use this guide to download movies and TV series protected by copyright, do so at your own risk, assuming all the responsibilities of the case. 

How to download Video from Openload: the steps to follow

If you do not have the Chrome internet browser yet, you can download it for free from HERE. I recommend you use it because I think it’s the best browser ever.

The first thing to do is obviously to download and install this fantastic extension for Chrome, which will allow you, as mentioned above, to download videos from the internet and even from Openload in one click.

You can find it HERE.

Open the page, install it in a click on Chrome.

At this point, go to Openload, look for the video you want to download with Chrome and open it.

Alternatively, use THIS site to search for videos (including films and TV series) on Openload.

Now all you have to do is press the Play button and start playing the video.

Once this is done, you can stop playback even after a moment.

At this point, look at the top right of your internet browser and you will find an arrow icon pointing down like this:

Now, click on it and it will open a list like the one you see above, where all the different formats and resolutions of the video you are watching will appear.

Now all you have to do is choose the format/resolution that suits you and click on the green button with the word DOWNLOAD. 

It seems obvious to me, but a larger size corresponds to a video with better resolution and therefore quality.

After you have clicked on the DOWNLOAD button, this will continue in a completely independent way and will be completed by the Chrome extension in a few moments (of course the download speed depends on the weight of the video and your internet connection).

In a few minutes, however, the download will be completed and you can watch the video of Openload offline, on your PC/Mac, when you want and without internet.

As already mentioned, the guide works on ALL video streaming sites, with the exception of Facebook and YouTube. The procedure to follow is always the same.

And here we are, we have concluded with this guide.

But if you follow these directions on various streaming sites to download movies and TV series, I recommend you also install an Adblock to block advertising on Chrome: in this way you avoid the endless opening of windows with every click and protect your computer from any viruses, malware and the like.

Chrome adblock extension

As we all know, usually the streaming movie and tv portals are full of invasive advertising, banners, popups and other junk that opens after every 2 seconds, making it impossible to stream the content that interests you.

So if you want to avoid all the advertising of streaming sites, I strongly suggest you use this fantastic Chrome extension to block advertisements and banners on internet pages.

The extension is THIS.

As anticipated, it allows you to automatically block advertisements on all websites and in one click you can add sites to the whitelist, in order to upload advertising (or Javascript) when needed or on sites where advertising is minimally invasive.

Among the many adblock extensions for Chrome, this is undoubtedly the best, there is little to do.

As an alternative to the one just mentioned, I recommend you also this. This second extension blocks pop-ups and all advertising windows that open one in a row when you try to browse the streaming sites.

These two extensions in pairs are a bomb!


For this guide we have concluded.

If you have any doubts or questions, leave a comment at the end of the article and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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