Ego International explains how the Facebook algorithm works

Ego International explains what lies behind the Facebook algorithm and the best practices used to increase the organic reach of posts.

Ego International explains how the Facebook algorithm works

How does the Facebook algorithm work?

Ego International, a company that deals with corporate internationalization, returns to talk about Facebook and the logic behind the composition of the feed.

Why do we see some content on Facebook and others not? And why are there pages that we see all the time while others hardly ever?
Ego International believes that understanding the functioning of the Facebook algorithm is not only the user’s interest, but it is fundamental above all for professionals and companies that want to increase organic visibility. In this way it will increase the possibility that the contents disclosed become viral, but above all it is clear that, without knowing the logics behind the choices of Facebook, the published contents may not reach customers or potential ones.

Ego International: how do you index Facebook content?

The algorithm of Facebook, recalls Ego International, is based on a multitude of elements that are usually not disseminated, although information was disclosed during a webinar for a few publishers present at F8, the annual Facebook conference useful on new news positioning factors.

The algorithm of Facebook, explains Ego International, acts in a mysterious way, but there is no doubt that it goes through 4 well-defined phases:

  • Inventory: every time the news section of the social is opened or updated, Facebook makes a real inventory;
  • Signals: in this phase Facebook tries to evaluate through thousands of signals what to consider and publish in the newsfeeds;
  • Predictions: Facebook uses these signals to understand what you would do if you saw different types of content. Facebook tries to guess how many possibilities there are to have a click or comment;
  • Score: once the probability of interaction is calculated, Facebook gives a higher score, the more the probability of interaction is. This defines the scale with which posts will appear on the bulletin board.

Ego International reminds you that this is how Facebook operates whenever the news section is opened, which is why the results are always different for each of us.

Ego International, what signals does Facebook take into consideration?

Ego International recalls that among the most important factors that determine what the user sees on Facebook are:

  • who published the story : frequency with which it is active and number of feedbacks received;
  • interaction : average time spent by users on that content and interactions obtained;
  • when the story has been published: the more recent it is, the higher it will appear in the feed;
  • type of story: if it is posted by a friend it will have a greater weight, while if the post is informative, the completeness of the page will be taken into consideration.

As Ego International reminds us, it is essential to remember that the goal of Facebook and its algorithm is to give the most appropriate message to a specific person at the right time. If the audience were not in line with what the page or company offers, the contents published by the latter would have no weight for the algorithm and consequently would be left to sink into that 80% of post products that the users never see.

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