7 best Apple Arcade games that will make you to subscribe right now

The Apple Arcade is a subscription service that, for $4.99/month, offers a selection of over 100 games for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV and iPod Touch, exclusive on the Apple devices. Apple Arcade titles are full experiences, free in-app purchases, and some aren’t available on other platforms like Android.

7 best Apple Arcade games that will make you to subscribe right now

7 best Apple Arcade games

Here are 7 of the best Apple Arcade games available, some 100% exclusive, some also found on other systems, and we also include an honorable mention of one of the most anticipated games on the platform.

1. Sayonara Wild Hearts

Sayonara Wild Hearts is a curious rhythm game that mixes frantic gameplay with an interesting visual style. It’s a story of a woman with a mission to save the world on her motorcycle, to the sound of good music and using swords and dance steps. One of the most original of 2019. Also available for PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

2. Shinsekai: Into the Depths

Shinsekai: Into the Depths is a 100% Apple Arcade exclusive title. The last member of humanity is forced to take refuge under the sea and do everything to stay alive in a Metroidvania. Your goal is not to destroy everything that lies ahead, but to survive. This includes always keeping an eye on the oxygen tank.

3. Shantae and the Seven Sirens

Known initially by the provisional name Shantae 5, Shantae and the Seven Sirens is a title that came out first on Apple Arcade. The fifth chapter of the classic platform series brings the protagonist and her friends on another adventure against the pirate Risky Boots and his minions. Available on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Windows.

4. Hot Lava

Hot Lava is a game based on the child’s play “the floor is lava”. Here, the player must move through a large number of scenarios, from living rooms to factories and caves, always jumping from one point to another and avoiding touching the “lava floor” at all costs. It is also available for Windows or Linux computers.

5. What the Golf?

This is perhaps the most bizarre non-golf game in history: following the formula of games with “silly physics”. What the golf? it features crazy scenarios, unusual characters, weird physics and unbelievable effects, where anything can be (or can’t) a golf ball, and even the goals are weird. Either way, the result is hilarious. Also available on Windows, Linux and Nintendo Switch.

6. Neo Cab

Neo Cab is a narrative-focused game that reflects on the “uberization” of work. The protagonist Lina tries to survive as the last application driver and connect with her passengers in a city dominated by a company that controls all aspects of society while trying to find clues from a missing (and wanted by police) friend. Available for Windows, Linux and Nintendo Switch.

7. Exit the Gungeon

Enter the Gungeon’s spin-off, Exit the Gungeon is yet another 100% exclusive Apple Arcade title (at least initially). The game takes the dungeon crawler elements from the original title and hits them in an elevator, making it a “dungeon climber” with bullet hell mechanics, shooting and enemies everywhere. It’s confusing, insane, hard and of course, a lot of fun.

Honorable Mention: The Pathless

Initially scheduled to be one of the titles available on Apple Arcade Day 1, The Pathless was delayed and should only reach service and other platforms by 2020. The game, which in a way is the platform’s business card (the one most used by Apple). in promotional materials) is from the same creators of ABZÛ. The game will bring Hunter, an archer whose mission is to dispel the curse of darkness that consumes the world. For this, he will be helped by an eagle, whose bond is essential to solve puzzles and face enemies. Also available for PlayStation 4 and Windows.

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