How to enable cookies on iPhone

When you surf the internet, you usually access various websites, save preferences, store passwords and perform certain customized operations. After executing one of these actions the first time, the preference associated with it remains stored in the browser thanks to cookies. And that’s why many websites to which you connect specifically ask you to enable cookies on iPhone.

For these reasons, you may be asked how to enable cookies on iPhone. In this guide, I decided to help you solve the problem on Safari and Chrome browsers (the most used ones). It is really a banality, which will not engage you for more than a few minutes, even if you are not a geek. Let’s see then how to solve the matter.

How to enable cookies on iPhone

Before letting you see how to enable cookies on iPhone, it must be said that while enabling them, you must always be careful not to delete them. In fact, when you delete your internet history and browser cache, you are often asked if you want to remove saved cookies and passwords (especially when you use apps to clean iPhone ). Here, if you remove them, you should perform again the action that was stored by the cookie, for example access to the website.

For security reasons, cookies are often deactivated on the iPhone. However, without them, the browsing experience of websites could be partial (different services may not be available). This is the case of Thiscrush. So let’s see what you need to do to activate them on Safari or Google Chrome browsers.


How to enable cookies on iPhone Apple Safari

If you use Safari and you want to enable cookies on iPhone, you can solve it very simply. Open the iOS Settings and tap Safari. In that section, move to Privacy and Security and find the option Block all cookies. So, disable it.

After doing this, you’ll be fine. From now on, every time you connect to a site via Safari, cookies will be stored automatically. If you use Thiscrush, for example, you should no longer see the cookie activation message. To learn more, read this page of Apple support.

How to enable cookies on iPhone Google Chrome

If you use Google Chrome and you intend to activate cookies on iPhone, it will seem strange, but you will not have to do anything. In fact, on Chrome, cookies are automatically enabled depending on the website you surf (almost always, practically) and can not be deactivated. Therefore, they are always active.

It is also true, however, that you may see login screens again or web requests that may make you believe that cookies are turned off. Well, in those cases, I suggest you check for any extensions to Chrome related to cleaning the internet history, cache and cookies. You can do this by typing the URL chrome://extensionsin the address bar. In fact, those add-ons often delete cookies, history and cache automatically when the browser is closed. For more information, read the Chrome browser FAQ.

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