How to create custom Christmas stickers for WhatsApp

Are you looking for an original way to wish Christmas on WhatsApp? Do you think that the usual Christmas or winter-themed images or postcards are now trite and redeemed and no one likes them anymore? So I suggest you to make WhatsApp Christmas stickers and send them to your contacts. Thanks to the functionality introduced on the messaging platform in mid-October 2018, in fact, you can create personalized stickers to be used in the WhatsApp conversations to wish everyone Merry Christmas.

In the guide that follows I will explain, in a simple but detailed way, how to create and send Christmas stickers on WhatsApp using iPhone or Android. In this way, you will be able to create packages of personalized stickers to use as you see fit. As I have already explained, making stickers for WhatsApp is a simple operation, which requires only a little effort: even if the first will not be beautiful to see, I assure you that with the passage of time you will always be better and your stickers will always be better.

How to make Christmas stickers WhatsApp

Before you begin to explain how to make Christmas stickers for WhatsApp, I want to take more of your time to explain why in the guide that follows I will explain only the procedure for Android. Unfortunately, due to the stringent rules of the App Store, Apple has removed most of the apps to make stickers with WhatsApp iPhone and also many of the packages that could be downloaded from its application store.

Therefore, at the time of writing, I do not think that for Christmas the app for WhatsApp sticker will be available again on the App Store: if that were the case, I will insert all the details in another paragraph. However, the only way to get them now on iOS is to get them sent by someone with an Android phone. Now, however, we do not lose ourselves further in chatter and see how to make Christmas stickers WhatsApp.


Check the stickers store

Before you see how to make WhatsApp Christmas stickers, I suggest you take a look at the free stickers store, which you can access directly from the messaging app. Maybe you will be able to find the packs of stickers that do for you and you will not spend too much time learning how to use the app to create Christmas stickers on WhatsApp.

To check the store, you must log in to WhatsApp, enter one of the active conversations (or create a new one) and press the field to type in a new message. When the keyboard appears, press the button with the happy face (it is on the left of the space bar) and then on the square icon with the vertex folded up on itself. As I had already explained, this procedure allows you to access the sticker packages you already have installed and send them to your contacts.

To install new stickers, instead, you have to scroll through the list of packages until you find the “+” key: by pressing on it, you will access the stickers store, where you can check if there are any WhatsApp Christmas stickers ready for use. To learn more, read how to send stickers on WhatsApp.

Create Christmas WhatsApp sticker

If, on the other hand, you want to personalize Christmas greetings and make unique WhatsApp Christmas stickers, you have to use ad hoc apps that, as mentioned, are only on the Google Play Store. Their operation is very similar, so the choice will depend exclusively on your personal preference. The free apps in question are called Sticker Maker for WhatsAppSticker Studio and Personal Sticker for WhatsApp.

In all three cases, you will need to import a photo or image from your photo gallery, crop the subject to include in the sticker and save the changes. Once you have created all the personalized Christmas stickers, save the WhatsApp Christmas sticker package and publish it, so you can use it in your conversations. I remind you that, to make the best wishes to everyone in a moment, you could use a broadcast list.

Where to find Christmas images for free

I imagine that, after reading my explanation, you are raising a doubt: what pictures to use to make Christmas stickers WhatsApp? Even in this case, the choice is rather subjective. If you want my advice, you have two different options at your disposal: use your own Christmas-themed image (one in which you wear a Santa Claus cap or a Christmas mallet, for example) or download one from the many portals that offer free photos from rights and royalties.

If you don’t like this way and want to try something else, you can search for Christmas photos using the search engine of Creative Commons, which can be found at Alternatively, you can browse the databases of sites like Pexels, which you find here, and Pixabay, which you can find right here. Once you find the photos you like, all you have to do is download them to your smartphone’s memory and turn them into a sticker for WhatsApp.

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