How Webstagram works

By now you will have understood it: on Instagram you can practically find anyone, from your classmate or work colleague up to influencers and showbiz characters. If you want to know what they do, how they behave and where they are, just follow them and periodically comb through their wall: the chances that you are able to steal all this information are very high. Despite this, and despite my guide has shown you that creating an Instagram account is extremely simple, you are still not convinced to make “the big step” and try your career as an influencer . Probably, that’s why you want to know how Webstagram works.

In fact, even if you do not have an Instagram profile, you would like to be able to access the social network to peek in the photos of those you are interested in and do their business a little bit. Do not worry: you’re not the only one in this situation, in fact. And for your luck, spying or looking at Instagram profiles without registering with iPhone or Android is easier than it seems: just check out how Webstagram works, so you can access any profile (public) you’re interested in.

How Webstagram works

To understand how this is possible and how to access Instagram without a profile, it will be enough to quickly explain what Webstagram is. This portal is nothing more than an “alternative” to, the official website of the social network owned by Facebook. Unlike the latter, however, you will not need an account to be able to see photos of other people. You can do everything in secret, so anonymously.

It is also true, however, that you will not be able to follow users or exchange messages or like with them, but at the same time you will be able to see Instagram profiles without being registered. In short, exactly what you would do. The only real limitation is that you can only access photos uploaded by public accounts: if the person you are interested in has a private account, you will have no choice but to create an Instagram profile and start following it (and hope to be accepted ). A bit like when you want to see the stories without being seen. So, are you ready? Well, let’s see how Webstagram works.


See Instagram profile without account

As you can see as soon as you open the home page of this free web service, the operation of Webstagram is nothing short of elementary. The main page of the site can be divided into two parts: in the upper one, you will find the search field for plumbing into the Instagram database; in the lower one, you’ll find a series of quick links to some of the most popular Instagram accounts with the most followers.

To search for a user, just enter his profile name in the search field at the top and wait for the results. At this point, you just have to find the profile you were looking for, click on its image or on its name and see all the photographs uploaded over time.

See Instagram hashtag without account

Webstagram, however, does not only allow you to view Instagram profiles without being registered. If you want, in fact, you could also see all the photos uploaded (from public accounts) for a certain hashtag. If, for example, you know that a classmate or a colleague of yours is used to use a particular keyword to identify photos taken around the world, just enter it in the search field and wait for Webstagram to go “fishing” all the shots that match your keyword.

See Instagram Stories without being discovered

So far, I have not told you anything about how to see Stories without having accounts because Webstagram does not have this feature. The portal, in fact, is an excellent resource for viewing profiles without being registered, but the Stories remain an off-limits territory (at least for the moment).

As I have already had the opportunity to tell you, instead, to look at the Stories without being registered and, therefore, without ending up in the order of the visualizations, you can use other free online tools. For example, the StoriesIG website allows you to search for Instagram profiles, view IG Stories loaded in the last 24 hours or those saved in Personal Collections and download them to your PC’s memory or to your smartphone’s gallery.

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