Have you ever shared an Android device with other people (maybe the family) and be afraid of your privacy for some applications that you do not want to be opened? There are few applications that allow you to set a password or fingerprint to log in.

These Android apps to prevent the opening from any person who will use your device will not be entirely possible until it will be Google itself to impose this function to all applications, for this reason we decided to recommend three completely free applications that can help you keep your privacy.

Android app blocking: which apps to use to restrict access

    • AppLock: very simple application to use, allows you to select all the apps to be blocked with a simple four-digit password but does not have the fingerprint support;
    • SmartAppLock: much more complete than what we have indicated above, allows you to block all apps with a different password or fingerprint, also to enter the SmartAppLock you must use the fingerprint. Finally, the “Take Selfie” function is available, which starts automatically when a person who does not know your password tries to open one of the applications you have chosen to make off-limits;
    • LocKit: very similar to SmartAppLock, has the same functionality but also allows you to use special screens to make it more difficult to access apps to strangers, you can also set three different themes for the login screen;


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