How To Get More Real Instagram Followers with these methods

Attracted by the great potential offered by the popular photo social network, you are looking for a solution on the Internet that explains how to have real followers on Instagram without using special tools or expert people. In the next lines we will list a series of tips to help you achieve this result as soon as possible.

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Regularly share quality content

Like any other social network available today, even Instagram is composed of many contents. So, one of the best solutions to be able to get followers is to publish photos and videos that are able to attract users and that push them to follow you. All you need to do is build and share high quality content.

Another important factor is constancy. An Instagram profile with very few contents appears in the eyes of users as a neglected or abandoned profile. So, the suggestion we give you is to share at least a couple of photos and/or videos a week always focusing on quality.

Get inspired by the most popular content on Instagram

If you do not have ideas on what to publish on your Instagram profile, you can get inspiration from the most popular posts on the social network. To access the dedicated section (called Explore ), simply open the official app on your smartphone/tablet Android, iOS or Windows 10 Mobile or the Windows 10 PC, click/tap on the magnifying glass at the bottom or on the compass icon if you use Instagram Web.

If you are looking for more detailed information on the most popular posts on the social platform, you can rely on the excellent Iconosquare service that allows you to search for the post by filtering them according to your needs. You can find out more information on the official website.

Use the hashtags to best effect

If you are still wondering how to have real followers on Instagram, then we recommend that you use the most popular and relevant hashtags to add to the content you publish on the well-known social network. The main role of hashtags is to categorize photos and videos. For example, in the #technology hashtag you will find all the contents related to the technology. This means that if you have published a post containing this hashtag and a person searches for the hashtag, you will have a greater chance of appearing in the results.

In addition to advising you to read our Instagram guide: 15 Tricks to Use Instagram like a Pro, you can take advantage Web.stagram websites.

Obviously, use only hashtags related to the topic covered in the published content. Do not put them at random. For example, if you publish a photo of a smartphone, do not enter hashtags of places or animals.

Connect other social accounts to the Instagram account

Another piece of advice we give you to be able to conquer real new followers is to link other personal social profiles to the Instagram account. Through the official application of the photo social network it is possible to connect Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts.

To do this, follow the steps listed below to the letter:

  • Open the Instagram app on your device and press the profile icon located at the bottom right.
  • Once this is done, plug the 3 dashes on the top right or swipe from right to left and choose Settings.
  • Scroll down the page, stop in the Privacy and security section and tap on Linked accounts.
  • You just have to press on the social network you want to connect and follow the instructions to perform the procedure correctly.

Once the connection between Instagram and the other social platforms is completed correctly, all the posts you publish will be automatically shared on Facebook, Twitter and so on.

Interact with other users

Interaction with other people is a very important factor to be able to increase the number of followers. Since the existence of a social network is mainly based on putting in contact different users who share common passions and interests, it is necessary to follow some tips to be able to achieve this purpose.

In addition to commenting on posts posted by other people, we suggest you take advantage of the Stories to share particular things or to publish surveys. Another suggestion is to do direct so you will allow your followers to ask you questions and yourself to reveal advice or curiosity. To achieve excellent Live we suggest you position yourself in silent, uncrowded, not too bright or dark places.

Do not buy followers

A good piece of advice that we give you to find out how to have real followers on Instagram is to avoid buying followers using the appropriate applications that allow you to do this because you will not get real followers but only numbers. Doing so will not be followed by users who are really interested in your content.

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