How to direct message someone on Instagram in Windows PC, Mac

Do you want to DM on Instagram from computer, PC, Windows, Mac, Web and Chrome? Let’s find out how you can chat directly from Mac or windows

Instagram Direct for PC, Mac and Computer: how do you do it?

New day, new article dedicated to Instagram, the social network of the moment that is proving an incredible success in the whole world.

Today, I want to answer a question that I recently received very often from the readers of Teknologya.

In fact, many users would like to use Instagram Direct chat directly from PCs, Macs and computers, but they do not know how. 

Instagram Direct only on smartphones?

As you know, the Instagram Direct chat feature is freely accessible from smartphones, while it is not available in the web version of the Instagram website for PC, Mac, Chrome and other internet browsers.

In short, on smartphone we can freely manage our private messages on Instagram Direct, but on PC or Mac we can not do it if we use the Instagram website.

And there is no way to read and respond to Instagram Direct messages from a computer, so that you can write comfortably with your physical keyboard, without necessarily having to go through the virtual keyboard of your smartphone?

The answer is obviously affirmative and in this article we will see how to do it.

Instagram Direct to PC, Mac and computer

If you are tired of using the virtual keyboard of the phone to respond to all the chats active on Instagram Direct, you point out today a fantastic program for PC and Mac that allows you to text freely from your computer, taking advantage of its convenient physical keyboard.

The program is free and you can find it HERE.

Its name is IG: dm and, as you can guess from the name, allows you to use Instagram Direct chat on any Windows, Mac or Linux PC. 

How to install Instagram Direct on PC, Mac and computer

Using this program is very easy:

  • download it for free
  • install it
  • log in with your Instagram data
  • in an instant you are ready to read and respond to Instagram Direct messages directly from the computer, with the physical keyboard

The program works great and changes your life, especially if you are used to receiving lots of messages in private chat on Instagram Direct. 

You can respond to friends, relatives and acquaintances on Instagram Direct directly from the computer, using the physical keyboard: you will be able to manage all your conversations on Instagram Direct in an easier, faster and more convenient way!

Instagram Direct for PC and Mac Download

As already anticipated, the program is free and you can find it HERE.

I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks and I’m so happy.

If you have an account on which you receive a lot of private chat messages on Instagram Direct, this solution will allow you to respond to all users saving a lot of time!


With this article we have concluded.

As you know, Instagram is a social network created for smartphones and as such some of its features will remain exclusive to mobile devices, including private messages and Direct.

Thanks to the program that I have reported, however, you can bring private messages to Instagram Direct even on PC and Mac quickly and easily.

Let me know what you think of this fantastic program!

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