SEO Tools to Use for Better Ranking Recommended by SEO Professionals

Are you new in the world of SEO, let’s see some tools that are recommended and used by SEO pros you should use to boost your website traffic.

Knowing your way around SEO may not be a walk in the park, especially if you are a beginner. However, many developers have seen to it that every webmaster gets a good experience with SEO for their business by creating tools that are meant to make the whole process easy and straightforward.

The solutions sometimes may have the same features and functions, and some are also differentiated to meet separate SEO needs. Solutions such as are used to track the various metrics of SEO: that is one. Finding the best SEO tools is now easy as most have been used, tested and recommended by SEO experts. The following is a compilation of some of the best tools in the market, which you can use to realize better ranking.

Screaming Frog

You cannot convince SEO experts that there is a better tool to use to perform site audits. The speed at which it works is exemplary: you will get insights on your website in no time. Scream Frog will update you on the errors that you need to fix, duplicate content, bad redirections and the areas that you need to improve in light of link building. Experts have also confirmed that it so far has the best spider that can crawl even your competitor’s website, giving you practical insights.

Google’s webmaster tools

Do you want to hear from the horse’s mouth regarding how it views your site? Well, look no further than Google’s webmaster tools. For tools that come free of charge, you will be able to understand the basics of Google search through the tools feedback.

For instance, Fetch as Google, which is one of the tools helps you to take notice of poor performance from your end, information which you will later use to refine your page for better results. Another tool, PageSpeed Insights, will enable you to gauge the performance of both your mobile and website speed. Google’s webmaster tools will give you all the information you need to redo your site for optimum results.

Blog Title Generator Tool

A great title can grab attention of users on social media and search engines and bring tons of traffic. As Neil Patel mentioned in his blog about writing powerful headlines  you can increase your conversion rate upto 50%.

With the help of this tool you can generate catchy and effective title for your blog posts. It can generate 1000’s of titles for a given keyword. This tool is avaible for free now.

HubSpot’s website grader

This tool comes at no extra cost, and you get to benefit from tailor-made reports. What does the tool do? It will give you reports regarding your site performance, that is, the speed, your page size, and the requests. Also, it will provide you with an insight into the visibility and responsiveness of your mobile website.

Getting the results is as easy as entering your site’s URL and email address. Hubspot is, however, not limited when it comes to tools it offers. You can go an extra mile and get paid tools which will give you endless possibilities regarding analysis.

Check my links

You already know of the importance that link bears your site. To have your links, both external and internal, in good shape, you should consider employing Check My Links.

This tool will help you point out the bad and broken links even before you make your page go live.

Moz’s pro tools

Moz’s pro tools is a set of tools that will help you take note of any available SEO opportunities, track your site’s growth and build reports on the analysis made. One example is the Crawl Test Tool that sends out the RogerBot (which is a Moz WebCrawler), to scan links on your website. It later sends you a detailed email on the data of the linked pages.  The tool is essential in helping you identify various link factors that may affect your SEO performance.


Once you test the tool’s 14-days trial, you will not feel a pinch in dishing out a few pennies to get yourself the different payment plans for the tool. It will be as a result of the detailed analysis of your site that the tool will give you.

What does Woorank cover in its reports? You will get comprehensive information on the visitors that go tour site, the site usability, mobile responsiveness, technologies to employ, and the performance of your SEO to mention a few. It also gives you the option to download social reviews which even makes it easier for you to share the performance of your business with the rest of your workforce.

Remove ‘em

Are you tired of links that cause your website more harm than good? And, did you know that unnatural links like purchased one may injure your site? Well, they could cost you ranking. But with the help of Remove ‘em, you will be able to hunt down unnatural and artificial that cause you potential harm.

Also, it is advisable that you keep track of your backlinks for you to spot any that may make you get penalized. The tool will enable you to trace the source of the link and take action on having them removed. It will also help you to compile a list to submit to Google Disavow tool to tell it not to put the particular links into consideration during your ranking.


Last but not least, is SEMrush. At no extra cost, you will be updated on the performance of your pages and site as a whole. It comes with several toolkits that will give you reports on your keyword ranking, keyword volume and ranking of a page in the account of particular keywords to mention a few.

SEMrush will give you an analysis of all the SEO metrics you can think of.

By employing SEO tools like the ones mentioned and adhering to best SEO practices, you will see so much improvement in the quality of your site.


These are the tools which you must use if you want your site always at the top. If you know any other tool which we should mention in our list then please feel to leave a comment in the box below.

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