How to make sticker on WhatsApp iPhone

You were initially skeptical, but then you took your hand. In the end, sending the WhatsApp stickers was as simple as drinking a glass of water (or a little more). The stickers, introduced on the messaging platform in 2018, but already seen at work on Facebook Messenger and Telegram, allow you to interact in a nice and fast way with your contacts. In addition, but maybe you already know, you can create WhatsApp sticker starting from a photo or any image on your smartphone or on the web. The problem, however, lies in making stickers on WhatsApp iPhone. Specifically, on iOS devices there seems to be no way to customize them. But it is not like that.

The procedure for making stickers on Android, as I have already explained, is quite simple. If you are wondering how to make stickers on WhatsApp iPhone, know that it is not too different. Of course, the free applications for making stickers with iPhone must pass the strict controls of Apple (which has done some cleaning on the App Store and you may have difficulty finding them), but thanks to a very simple trick you can have the custom stickers even if you own an iPhone. Ready? So let’s see together how to create WhatsApp sticker with iPhone.

How to make sticker on WhatsApp iPhone

In case you do not like the WhatsApp stickers that are found as standard, you can make stickers on WhatsApp iPhone creating custom. The roads you can follow in this case are different: satisfy yourself and make you fit those already there; wait for other pre-defined sticker packages to be released; roll up your sleeves and create WhatsApp sticker with iPhone. I assure you it’s easier than you can believe.

In the following guide, find the classic methods for sending stickers in a conversation, in a group or in a broadcast list. Also, find the methods that allow you to customize them to your liking. I remind you that it would be better to update WhatsApp before proceeding.


How to send WhatsApp sticker with iPhone

To understand how to make stickers on WhatsApp iPhone is first of all necessary to see how they are sent. In the sending section, in fact, it will be possible to understand how to add packages of stickers and how to succeed, therefore, to enrich the collection that the same platform makes available.

To send a sticker, you need to access one of your WhatsApp conversations (or you can create a new one), press the field to write a new message and wait for the keyboard to appear. Now press the button with the smiley face and, once the emoji and GIF panel is open, look for the Stickers button.

In the stickers gallery, press the “+” button, then click on Download stickers and then scroll to the end, where you will find the button that will lead you to the App Store. In this way, you can download new packages to send to your contacts.

How to create WhatsApp sticker with iPhone

Downloading the packages on the App Store, however, is not the only way to make stickers on WhatsApp iPhone. As mentioned, you can create them starting from photos or images stored on the phone’s memory. A solution, however, at the moment only via Android: the app to create stickers with iOS are not present on the App Store and the only way to be able to send different stickers than those proposed by WhatsApp is to resort to a trick.

If your contact sends you a personalized sticker, in fact, you can “do it yours” and use it whenever you want. Just press on the sticker you are interested in for a few moments, wait for the word ” See sticker package” to appear and add it to your collection. Alternatively, you can send a photo to your friend who holds an Android smartphone and ask him to create a personalized sticker for your iPhone.

How to create WhatsApp sticker packages with iPhone

If, instead, you are a creative and want to devote some of your free time to the creation of custom stickers, you can follow the guidelines that WhatsApp has published in the FAQ section of the site to make stickers on WhatsApp iPhone. You are made available to the app templates to be used and all the technical information.

The images, for example, must have a transparent background and must not be larger than 512 × 512 pixels. Once you’ve finished creating your app, you’ll need to publish it in the App Store and wait for the Apple reviewers to approve it. If you pass the stringent controls, you can install it on your device and start sending custom stickers on WhatsApp with iPhone.

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