Enable night mode in Facebook Messenger by sending a moon emoji

Facebook has been struggling to improve Messenger by offering a simplified design and allowing you to delete sent messages. This time the company is expanding the night mode test: you can turn it on right now on iPhone and Android if you send emoji a crescent moon (🌙) and tap it several times.

It’s simple: you send the emoji 🌙 to some contact in Facebook Messenger and tap the moon repeatedly, until a multi-moons animation appears on the screen. Then, at the top, the message “You found the dark mode!” Appears.

Tap “Enable in Settings” and then the new “Dark Mode” option. The app warns that the feature is “in development”, and that dark mode “will not appear everywhere in Messenger”.

Even so, this dark mode seems to be quite complete: it appears in the chat list, in the contact list, within chats, and in settings. The interface background actually turns black rather than dark gray like in other apps.

Facebook has extended dark mode testing to more Messenger users at the end of last year. In this case, the feature is automatically suggested by the app itself, without tricks involving emojis.

And in February, Facebook globally released the “Delete for Everyone” feature to delete text messages, photos and videos within 10 minutes. They are removed from the chat of their recipients, being replaced by the message “you removed a message”.

How to turn dark mode on Facebook Messenger

Follow these steps to turn dark mode on iOS or Android:

  • Send the emoji to some contact in Messenger;
  • touch the moon emoji several times, until several moons begin to fall on the screen;
  • below the message “You found the dark mode!”, touch Enable in the settings;
  • touch Dark Mode.

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