How to increase followers, like and become famous on TikTok

Your TikTok account has potential but you do not know how to exploit it? Here are the tricks used by the most famous users with millions of fans to increase likes and followers.
TikTok: how to increase followers, like and become famous

In 2019 it’s no surprise to see teenagers wanting to become famous on social media. TikTok, the platform that allows you to record and share videos in which you sing, play and dance using lip sync, is literally popular among the very young users and is replacing YouTube.

TikTok is the new version of, first used mainly in China, where it has 150 million users and is now used all over the world. This means that TikTok users can reach millions of people every time they share a video, and so it becomes a great opportunity to become famous on the internet as the application has about 500 million subscribers. Check out some Famous Social Media and Tiktok stars here.

Let’s think about the most famous “Singers” like Jacob SartoriusBaby Ariel and Loren Beech: they became popular all over the world with their lip sync videos on, managing to have an influencer career and earn lots of money. Their accounts have the crown, or the verification badge that TikTok assigns only to its most popular and influential users.

If you are wondering how they did and what are the best tricks to raise followers on TikTok, to reach millions of followers and maybe get the crown, here are some helpful tips.

TikTok: how to increase followers and likes

Being able to increase your audience of followers on TikTok exponentially is not easy: keep in mind that there will be a bit of work to do to get good results and it will not be enough to use a follower generator.

The first thing you need to do is create a friendly and engaging profile. Look at the profiles of the best users and follow and take inspiration from them, trying not to copy them but to always remain original. Find your style and give users something different than what they’ve seen before.

Spend some time creating valuable content

Have a look at the tutorials on how to make the best TikTok videos and tricks to make them more original before you start posting. Exactly like for YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat, there are also many good tips for TikTok that will help you increase the quality of your clips.

Try to engage your audience

People will appreciate you more if you interact with them. For example, ask questions in the captions, share the TikTok on other social … In doing so, users will be more friendly with you and will probably follow you for a longer period. It is therefore important to be very active, respond to comments, messages and be online every day. No one will want to follow you if you only post a video a week.

Create content with other users

This can really improve your profile. In fact, making videos with other users of Tik Tok (and especially with those who are famous) will greatly increase your fans as you will have more chances to be known by new users and potential followers.

Choose a nice username and theme

A nice username will help people remember you. It therefore becomes essential, when creating your own profile, to choose a catchy and simple nickname with which it will be easy to find you. No disturbing, childish nicknames or those that recall the names of famous singers.

Even on TikTok, as on Instagram, pay more to have a profile targeted and theme rather than publish content that is always different from each other. In doing so, you risk in fact giving a confusing idea of yourself and not being able to reach an audience that can identify with what you do.

Use hashtags and famous songs, and take part in challenges

The tiktok views from buysocialmediamarketing is also based on using popular tracks hashtags giving more chances for novice users to be discovered by other users.  Another way to increase your chances of getting like and follower on TikTok is to ride the trend wave. If they come out of the challenges and the chains that become viral on social networks, take part also with your videos in lip sync: you will have the opportunity to let you know and increase your followers.

Publish at the best hours. Also on TikTok, as on Instagram, there are better times to share their contents. The right moments, in which users can have more visibility, it seems that the time slots are between 12 am and 5 pm, and between 8 pm and midnight. Better to publish the best content on the weekend, when everyone is free from school and homework.

The apps that add followers, although in a totally artificial, can give a boost to your account. And you know, a profile that already boasts thousands of followers seems more attractive to other users. In fact, there are applications such as Fans Fame for Musically, Followers Tips for Musically and Musifans, which work as shortcuts to achieve popularity on the social network.

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