How to change name on facebook without waiting for 60 days

Facebook has a strict policy to change a user’s name: it is only allowed to change after a period of 60 days, for security reasons, to prevent fraud and abuses tool. In addition, Facebook may require confirmation of account identity, through the submission of documents.

However, if you entered your wrong name, you can still change it without having to wait two months to do it manually.

How to rename Facebook before 60 days (emergency)

How to rename Facebook before 60 days

Facebook requires its users to use their real names as a form of identification. These allow the proper relation of the name to the person, and the confirmation of identity through his documents. In the past, Facebook got involved in a tremendous roll for that reason and today allows the inclusion of a second name. However, the actual name is still the default.
There are cases where the user wants to change their name before a minimum of 60 days, for example, if it has been confirmed with a typo. And there are cases where Facebook refuses to allow change even after the deadline, for some reasons:

  • The user changes the name frequently;
  • The name does not match Facebook’s name policies because it contains symbols, numbers, irregular capitalization (such as eXAMPLE), characters from other languages, professional or religious titles, use of words or phrases other than names, or offensive messages;
  • If Facebook asked the user to confirm his name, and he did not;
  • The name does not match the identification documents.

In these cases, and also to change the name before the 60-day deadline, you must do the following:

  1. Enter the Facebook name change form;
  2. Fill in the fields New first nameNew middle name (optional) and  New surname with the name you want to use;
  3. Under Reasons for this change, choose the correct reason;
  4. In Your Documents , click the Choose Files button and attach a copy of a document with your name that is accepted by Facebook;
  5. Click Send.

And ready. Facebook will check the information and, if all is right, your name will change.

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