How to enable noise canceling on Google Meet calls

Google Meet allows users to activate the noise cancellation on calls made by the application, either by voice or video. The option works in web and mobile versions, for devices with Android and iOS (iPhone and iPad ).

The feature uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to remove unwanted sounds in the environment. Learn how to enable cancellation and improve audio quality.

Google Meet

How it works?

Google’s artificial intelligence can eliminate noise that varies widely in frequency in a short time. Want examples? Typing sounds, doors closing or even construction noise nearby. With the feature, the voice of the speaker is clearer, without so many interruptions and distractions.

Therefore, it is recommended that you disable the noise canceling function if you intend to play an instrument during the call, or it will not be heard.

There is a catch, though: Google Meet only limits sounds that don’t sound like human voices. Soon, voices coming from TV or people talking around them escape this filter and will continue to be heard on the call.

Screen capture audio capture does not change with noise cancellation.

How to enable and disable noise cancellation on calls

Google Meet settings automatically leave the tool disabled. To activate it, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the main Google Meet page ;
  2. Click on “Settings” in the upper right corner;
  3. Select “Audio”;
  4. Activate the “Noise cancellation” option;
  5. Click “Done”.

Ready! If you want to disable, just follow the same path.

Guaranteed security

Google informs that the user’s privacy remains guaranteed, as the audio content is still encrypted.

This ensures that the company will continue without analyzing the calls, even if it wishes to use the material to improve noise cancellation.

More about Google Meet

Not familiar with Google Meet? It is a communication service aimed at companies – like Zoom, for example – and allows video calls with up to 100 people connected.

The tool used to be part of the G Suite Enterprise, a paid plan that offers a package of business-oriented products, but is now available for free to anyone with a Google account.

With information from: Google