Google has its own Webp image format that most other browsers do not support. However, you can enable Webp support in Edge with a Microsoft extension.

How to enable Webp support in Edge on Windows 10

Install the Webp Image Extensions app from the Microsoft Store. Once the installation is complete, you will be able to view Webp Images Microsoft Edge. You must be running Windows 10 1803 to make this extension work.

Once installed, click the Start button in the Microsoft Store. This will open the Film and TV app. Next, Edge should be able to load Webp images, however it will not work as a file viewer for these file types. You will be able to view this type of image when it is detected on a web page, so there is still no way to open a Webp file on Windows 10 unless you have Chrome.

The extension states that you’ll be able to open Webp images on Windows 10.

If the extension does not work immediately, make sure the Photos app is up to date and restart your PC.


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