Expert Opinion on the Best Encrypted Messenger

There are more and more messengers overflowing our cell phones and pc. Some of them are advisable; some should be forever abandoned. Today, I share my opinion on what characteristics a good messenger should possess and what the best encrypted messenger is.  

Why use encrypted messengers?

Dark times have come. The plot of The circle seems not so futuristic. Our personal information is freely available for the huge corporations and governments: we leave digital traces, save our passwords, exchange documents and messages, which can be easily intercepted. 

That’s why one of the tools you need to use not to fall into those bad guys’ clutches is a protected messenger. It will help you to fight for:

  • Privacy and confidentiality. Encrypted messengers serve the preservation of your right to privacy. 
  • Safety. If your data is encrypted, it’s safe.
  • Freedom of speech. You may freely deliver your thoughts.  

What presupposes the best encrypted messenger?

Each messenger claiming itself the best and the most secure one should possess a number of features. 

The first requirement is the encryption applied. It is the method of protection thanks to which all the messages are encrypted before sending with a key; only a recipient can decrypt the message. Even in case of interception, the third parties wouldn’t be able to read the message. For them, it will look like a set of scrappy symbols. 

Another desirable characteristic is a decentralized network. Peer-to-peer architecture is the most secure option existing. It excludes the third party from the chain of information transfer – the server which gobbles our data. Thus, every messenger user will be user and client – the data will be stored at his own encrypted container.

Anonymous registration is an additional feature which I appreciate a lot. That helps you to stay incognito and that means that your identity can’t be disclosed. 

Finally: What are the best encrypted messengers?

I’ve picked up 3 the most reliable messengers that I tested myself.

1st – uMessenger

The first place is taken by the Utopia messenger, which is the part of Utopia P2P Ecosystem. The reason – it meets all 3 main requirements of mine – it’s decentralized, it uses Advanced Encryption Standard 256-bit and Elliptic Curve Cryptography, and the registration is completely anonymous. But even these points are not the best part of it.

Besides messenger, the ecosystem includes built-in email, Idyll browser, wallet, own cryptocurrency, and a lot of other tools and features, including even mining bots. 

The interface is simple and intuitive; no one will face difficulties installing and using the whole ecosystem. 

2nd – Dust

It’s one of the most popular messengers, which is distinguished by the high level of security provided (based on blockchain technology.) The matter is this app enables sending self-destructing messages: after 24 hours, the messages are deleted and no one has access to them. Moreover, you can configure the settings so that your messages are deleted right after being read. On top of all, there is protection against screenshots, which is also a huge benefit.

3rd – Telegram

Telegram is definitely one of the most simple and great messengers ever. It’s loved by millions of people around the globe. It is decentralized and it uses the end-to-end encryption for secret chats. That’s why it’s considered one of the best encrypted messengers. It allows deleting and editing messages at any time from both sides and sending an unlimited quantity of attachments of any type. 

Every wise Internet user should take care of his or her security. Encrypted messengers are created right for that purpose. Choose the one for you only after testing and reading the reviews. Stay safe, use encrypted messengers!

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