Facebook Lite iOS for iPhone Coming Soon!

Facebook Lite is also coming for iOS and iPhone. Facebook Lite will also arrive on iOS. A lighter version of Facebook is coming for iPhone and iOS

Facebook Lite iOS iPhone coming soon

Big news for iPhone and iOS users: Facebook Lite is officially being tested on iOS, but we do not know when it will arrive.

When does Facebook Lite arrive for iOS and iPhone?

Even if we do not have a certain and precise release date for Facebook Lite iOS, at least we have the certainty that Facebook is actually working to bring Facebook Lite on iOS as well.

Considering the incredible success of the program for Android, it was normal that Facebook wanted to bring it on iOS and I honestly could not explain why the Facebook Lite app was not yet available for iPhone. 

Apparently, however, the social network was working in great secrecy to prepare a version of Facebook Lite specifically dedicated to iOS that now seems close to release.

For the moment, Facebook Lite for iPhone is being tested only in Turkey, but I think we will not have to wait too long before we can download the app from the App Store in our countries also.

What is the use of Facebook Lite for iPhone?

Just to refresh your memory, you must know that the Lite version of Facebook allows users to access the most famous social network in the world by using an extremely light client – on the order of 5MB – which consumes a very small amount of data and energy.

In short, if you think that the Facebook app for iPhone is too heavy, consume too much internal memory, RAM and battery, Facebook Lite will solve all your problems.

You can continue to use Facebook on iPhone without the app having such a strong, direct and heavy impact on the hardware and overall performance of iOS.

Who is the Facebook Lite app for iOS iPhone dedicated to?

Usually this kind of app is spread mainly in emerging markets, but, as we are now used to see on Android, Lite versions are very convenient for all those users who use the service sporadically and want to reduce consumption and space occupied on own device, compared to minor waivers (such as losing some of the superfluous functionality of the main app).

In addition to this group of users, the app is also suitable for all those who have a smartphone now old, dated, not very powerful and especially with little internal memory and RAM.

In practice, Facebook Lite will be very useful to all users who own and still use iPhone equipped with 8 or 16GB of memory, for which the weight of the official client begins to become really prohibitive.

In conclusion, I recommend installing Facebook Lite if you think the official Facebook app is:

  • too heavy
  • too slow
  • too greedy for system resources
  • too much impact on the internal memory
  • developed too badly


Well, we have concluded.

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