How to block access to adult websites on Android

Safety first… and if you have children you will certainly raise the levels of attention and control when they use smartphones and tablets and since they are much more awake than us, the new kids first discover the sex, thanks to the use of internet that facilitates and speeds up the ‘learning.

Here is that preventing to visit adult porn websites is very important to protect your children and today we will see how to prevent access to these sites on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets with Android operating system and I report part of the written guide time to block access even on Windows.

How to block adult porn websites on Android

To block browsing on adult websites we can proceed in different, complicated and simpler ways. Obviously the complicated ones are difficult to find even for your children while for the simplest ones a cute baby can always cheat.

That’s why I will start from the most difficult ones and that I recommend to follow.

Block site access for adults on Android: Difficult methods

The difficult ones are to edit the hosts file on Android and put your hand on the router.

Edit hosts file on Android

Unfortunately, the first guide is really complicated because you must have the root permissions active on your Android device, so the first step is to do the ROOT, here you find a rundown of methods to do it on any device, otherwise Google search the correct procedure for your smartphone or tablet.

Once you have obtained the ROOT permissions on your device, to edit the hosts file you have to install ES File Manager which will allow you to access the system folders. To edit the hosts file with ES File Manager, follow the steps below:

  • Open ES File Manager, from the settings click on Root Explorer to access the system files. A message will confirm you access with administrator privileges.
  • Navigate to the system> etc folder where you will also find the hosts file.
  • Long press on and then on Properties -> Other -> Change
  • On the item Select Group permissions and set the item to Write.
  • Now restart the smartphone.
  • Open ES File Manager and open the hosts file.
  • Long press on the file then on Other -> Open as -> Text.
  • Now you have to compile the file after the line localhost (usually at the bottom) and fill in the lines as follows: localhost and sending a line between the lines.
  • Save the file and restart your smartphone to block the website permanently.

Block websites for adults from the home router

The other method is to act directly on the home router and set the DNS to block the adult sites (DNS that you find at the bottom of the page) or enter the exclusions by hand.

To access the home router, usually from your browser on the digital PC the web address,, or or look for the online procedure to access your router based on the network operator or router model.

Once you have logged in to your router you can enter the DNS, the same for Windows that you find at the bottom of the article, or enter the exclusions by hand for each website.

Block site access for adults on Android: Easy methods

While easy ones are the installation of some simple apps that will block traffic to adult sites.

Use the Trend Micro Mobile Security & Antivirus app

The easiest solution is to install an app that does everything for us but unfortunately Trend Micro Mobile Security & Antivirus is not free and costs $19.99 a year but it will definitely give you full satisfaction. Once installed, it allows not only to block adult websites but also to detect harmful viruses and apps.

So download and install Trend Micro from the Google Play Store and once opened (14 days of trial are free), you will need to create a Trend Micro account where you can enter email, name, and even activate payment via PayPal and cards directly from the Play Store.

Finally you will need to create a password to access the app, so as to prevent access to those who do not know the password and go to the settings Parental control, filter unwanted websites and finally on Web site filter to activate the Children, Preadolescents and Boys settings.

We can also block specific websites in the Block List and Approved List section.

Use the Norton Family Parental Control app

With Norton Family Parental Controldownload from HERE, you can activate the parental control in a few clicks and block the display of certain websites manually or with pre-set filters.

Once you have downloaded, opened and created the Norton account you can check everything from the website by logging in with user and password. Once logged in to the account go to the Norton Family section and move to OFF all the switches except Norton Family and Web Supervision go to Settings home rules and check the item High: block the website.

Now select to block all known websites of this type but you can also manually type the URLs you want to block in restricted Web sites. Finally click on Save to finish the configuration.

In automatic it will be overturned on the app installed on your Android device.

And on Windows how do I do it? Here’s how to block adult porn websites on Windows

Here it is a little simpler and on Windows it is sufficient to change the default DNS with the secure ones of OpenDNS. To do this, follow the instructions below:

  • Click on the network connection icon next to the Windows clock (the white monitor if you are using a cable connection or the Wi-Fi connection slots if you are using a wireless connection)
  • Click on the Open network connections and sharing center of the box that appears
  • On the window that opens, click on the name of the connection in use (eg Local Area Connection (LAN)) if you are using Windows 7(or later) or on the View status item if you are using Vista
  • Access the connection settings by clicking on the Properties button.

Now, scroll through the list. The connection uses the following elements and selects, by double clicking on it, the entry Internet Protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4).

In the window that will open, put the check mark next to the Use the following DNS server addresses, type the addresses of the following primary and secondary DNS servers in the Preferred DNS server and Alternate DNS servers fields:


Preferred DNS server
Alternate DNS server

and finally click on the OK button twice in succession to save the settings as shown in the following screen:

Now, once someone tries to access a porn site, the following message will be displayed:

Well you have ended up with blocking adult sites on Android and also on Windows. If you still have any doubt or suggestion then Leave a comment in the box below.

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