FIFA 19 House Rules: How to play without rules

FIFA 19 without rules: what is it and how the new House Rules mode works to play without fouls and offside.

FIFA 19 is coming soon: the game will officially come out on September 28th and for the joy of fans all over the world the demo has been released by EA Sports (and it’s available here ).

With the release of the demo players can take a first look at the two new modes introduced in House Rules. One, the Survival mode, consists in losing a player of his team every time he scores a goal; the other, the No Rules mode, allows you to deactivate the referee and play without being fouled and offside.

FIFA 19: How the Without Rules Mode works

In the new mode of FIFA 19, which applies to friendly matches, everything becomes lawful: you can score with arms and hands, you can play in 11 against 8 and there are no fouls, offside and red cards.

In Survival Mode teams lose a player (except the goalkeeper) when they go to the net. Numerical inferiority serves to rebalance the disadvantage network. If one of the two teams has scored 5 goals and consequently loses 5 players, the game ends automatically in order to adhere to the FIFA rule that a match can not continue with less than 7 players in the team. The player who eliminates 4 opponents wins, if he suffers more than 2 expulsions.

The mode Without rules means that players can disable the referee, making it impossible to be expelled, and get rid of the offside rule.

But that’s not all, because in FIFA 19 House Rules there are 3 other fun options: Long Rage, where the goals in the area are worth 1 and goals from outside 2; the Headers and Volle, where he scores only head or on the fly (like volleyball); Golden Goal, where the winner of the first goal or the first three goals wins.

FIFA 19, players and scores

If the new House Rules have aroused joy and excitement in the fans of the game, the same can not be said for the list of players and rankings released by EA Sports, which have rather surprised the gamers. For the first time Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi received the same general score in the game: the two 5-time Golden Ball winners scored a score of 94. The two aces of football were followed respectively by Neymar (92), Kevin De Bruyne (91) David de Gea (91), Luka Modric (91), Eden Hazard (91), Luis Suarez (91), Sergio Ramos (91) and Toni Kroos (90). These ratings soon aroused the indignation of fans as Harry Kane and Mo Salah have not even entered the top 10 despite the excellent year.

FIFA 19 will be released on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PS3, Xbox One, Windows PC and Xbox 360.