FIFA 20: release date, prices, new mods and features

When will FIFA 20 come out and how will it be? All news and updates on the upcoming EA title: from the release date to the new modes, things to know.

New year, new FIFA.

There are still several months to go, but FIFA 20 is already starting to talk about itself. EA Sports, with the return of the Champions League, has played its best card this year, but between the farewell to The Journey and a series of gameplay problems, the development team still has a lot of work to do to correct the shot with the next title of the saga.

When does FIFA 20 come out?

There is not yet an official date, but also FIFA 20, like its predecessors, should come out at the end of September. FIFA 19 was released on September 28, 2018, while FIFA 18 on September 29, and the tendency of EA is to release the game on Friday. Based on past timelines, let’s expect the final release of FIFA 20 on September 27, 2019. The global launch will be preceded by the demo, expected two weeks before the official game, probably around September 15th.

The game will definitely be released for PS4Xbox One and PC, and probably even the Nintendo Switch version will be improved and implemented. We are not sure that there will be a version of the game even for old-gen consoles. Fifa 19 Legacy Edition is available for Xbox 360 and PS3, but clearly presents all limits due to outdated hardware.

The price of FIFA 20

Also on the price front we can, for the moment, only advance hypotheses. Suppose that the price of FIFA 20 will be in line with that of the previous titles of the saga, with a launch price between 50 and 70 dollars (depending on the gaming platform) for the standard version and 90-100 dollars for Special editions. Switch and Legacy versions will probably be cheaper, with reduced gameplay and functionality.

FIFA 20 how will it be? Mode, gameplay and features

Fans of the game hope to finally see the dynamic weather in FIFA 20, an effect in which the Frostbite engine is specialized and that is already used in other EA titles such as Battlefield V, as well as exploited brilliantly in PES 2019. The dynamic weather would add a new level of gameplay tactics, especially in the Ultimate Team.

This year, a real possibility is the virtual reality stage, a prospect so compelling that Oculus Rift co-founder Nate Mitchell spoke about FIFA and Virtual Reality as the perfect match. Now virtual reality has taken off, with 21 million VR headphones that should be sold by 2020. This would add even more immersion to the games, but do not expect the VR to replace the controllers, or at least not yet, especially because of the common problems of lag.

EA could then add a human touch to Career Mode, which has remained essentially unchanged compared to FIFA 18, giving the opportunity to review the salaries of players and rewarding their performance with the financial boost they deserve. Another interesting addition would be the Club Creator mode, with which the player can create his team by taking control of everything from the design of the shirts to the sale of tickets to the player’s personal well-being.

FIFA 20 online streaming?

FIFA 19 could be the last physical version of the game? EA last year talked about a transition to a subscription model, opening up the possibility of moving from an annual release cycle to one based on online subscription and updating.

Streaming in games is taking over and even Microsoft recently announced Project xCloud, a new gaming streaming service that brings quality gaming from consoles and PCs to smartphones. Even Game Pass of Xbox, the service that gives players the opportunity to access a vast catalog of old and new games by paying a monthly subscription, shows how the videogame market is evolving.

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