Use WhatsApp Business on PC (Web or Desktop) : Guide

There is no Web or Desktop version exclusively for WhatsApp Business. Whoever uses the messenger application for business must use the common version for all users of WhatsApp Web or WhatsApp Desktop. But recently, WhatsApp has brought Business features to the desktop versions, which makes it easy to interact with the keyboard and mouse to interact with customers.

To use WhatsApp Web or WhatsApp Desktop Business features, such as quick replies, labels, and conversation filters, you must be connected to a WhatsApp Business account. That is, the account you use to scan the QR Code must be the same as the one you use with WhatsApp Business on your phone.

So it’s that simple …

How to use WhatsApp Business on your PC

  1. Download the desktop application or access the WhatsApp Web;
  2. Read WhatApp’s QR Code in the computer version;
  3. Use the account where you use WhatsApp Business to do this;
  4. Take advantage of WhatsApp Business features also on your computer.

What WhatsApp Business features can I use on my PC

Quick replies: messages used to answer frequently asked questions. Just press the “/” key on the keyboard to select a quick response and send it.

Tags: serve to organize your contacts or your conversations. So, you find everything easily when you need it.

Chat filter: They are used to manage your conversations with ease.
Sort the filters by unread messages, groups, or broadcast lists.

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