Some time ago you have hidden applications on your iPhone because maybe too dangerous for your child but now look for a solution to make them visible again so as to access them without problems. We at Teknologya decided to create a guide where we show you the steps to find out how to find hidden apps on iPhone in a simple and immediate way.

How to find hidden apps on iPhone through Settings

Apple implements a feature that allows you to apply restrictions on the use of some applications. This is called Screen Time in iOS 12 and later and Restrictions in iOS 11 and earlier releases. Before revealing the steps to be taken specifically, however, we wanted to clarify that it is necessary to enter a code set in the blocking phase to be able to see the hidden software again.

If your iPhone is equipped with iOS 12 or later, then use the Time to use feature. Let’s find out how to use it:

  • Open the Settings by pressing the gear icon on the iOS home screen and then choose Screen time from the screen that appears.
  • At this point, choose App Limits if you want to unlock entire categories of applications and enter the PIN code set during blocking. In the next screen, click on the category you want to reactivate (eg Social Network ) and then tap twice on the Delete limit you find below. Do the same operation with the other categories.
  • If, on the other hand, you want to unlock specific applications, then choose the Always Allowed item instead of the App Limits you always find on the Screen Time screen. Once this is done, find the applications to be unlocked in the Choose app section and tap on the + next to each application to add them to the list of allowed applications.

In case of system applications integrated by Apple, you must choose Apps allowed on the next screen. At this point, activate the previously deactivated applications by simply pressing the relative switches next to each name.

If you had iOS 11 or a previous version installed on your iPhone, then you must take advantage of the Restrictions feature, always available in the Settings of the operating system of Apple.

That said, let’s see how to proceed:

  • Open the iOS Settings by pressing the gear icon and then choose General.
  • In the next step, tap on Restrictions and enter the previously set PIN.
  • At this point, press first on the App and then on Allow all apps if you want to unlock only the applications previously locked or press the Disable restrictions button if you want to completely eliminate the restrictions previously set.

How to find hidden apps on iPhone with jailbreak

If you have an iPhone with jailbreak and have used a specific tweak of Cydia like Springtomize or HideMeX to hide the app, then you can restore the correct display of the software in a very simple way.

In the first case, start the app, then press on the item Icons and uncheck the applications you want to see again. In the second, however, open the Settings of iOS, tap on the icon of the tweak and then access the section Icons > Hide App. From here, remove the check to hidden apps by simply pressing on their name.

How to find hidden spy apps on iPhone

If you suspect that your iPhone has been installed and activated a ‘spy application to track all the information on the device, then you can follow specific directions to get rid of it quickly and easily. On Teknologya we wrote and published an ad hoc guide in which we gathered the best tips to follow to eliminate these spy apps. You can find it linked below.


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