How to find out if someone is using fake pictures from Internet

While surfing on social networks, it often happens to come across profiles with truly breathtaking photos; but often these photos were not taken by the user, but were taken from the web. If you want to learn how to understand if a picture is taken from the Internet then you are in the right place, we will give you some tips!

Google Images

The easiest and fastest way to understand if a picture was taken from the internet is to use Google Image Search; in fact, the “division” of Google allows to perform a search not only through the words typed, but also by uploading an image on the famous search engine or by using a URL address. This procedure is really very simple; First you have to open your browser and, once you enter the Google homepage, you have to choose the images section. When the search bar appears, you will notice that there is a camera icon on it, press on it and you can choose whether to search the image by uploading a photo from your PC or by entering an Internet address.

Smartphone or tablet

Unfortunately Big G does not offer the possibility of using the same steps to perform a reverse search even from a smartphone or a tablet; nevertheless, if you use the Google Chrome browser on your mobile device, you can overcome this problem in a few simple steps.

Once you’ve downloaded and launched the Google Chrome app (available for both iOS and Android), you’ll need to go to the page where the image you want to search is available. When you reach the latter, you will not have to do anything but do a prolonged tap on the photo in question and, once the menu appears, you have to select the item “Search this image on Google“, at this point you’re done.


Another site that turns out to be really very useful on this front is TinEye; in fact this portal allows you to easily search for any photo. Let’s see how:

The first thing to do is to open the home page of the site from any device and browser; done this, you have to click on the arrow icon located next to the search bar and, through the navigation panel, you can select the image you want to search. Once the upload is complete, all the sites that contain images similar to the one searched will be displayed. Also in this case, in addition to looking for an image by uploading it to the portal, you can search for a photo already on the web, by entering, in the “Upload or enter image URL” field, the URL of the photo in question.

Other methods to understand if a photo is taken or not from the Internet

In addition to the methods listed above, there are several applications specifically created to understand if a picture is taken from the Internet or not. Here are some of these:

  • Image Search by QiXingchen: this is a completely free Android app that allows you to search for images on Google. Downloaded and started the app, you will just have to do is click on the cloud icon on the bottom right and, once you have chosen the image, you can start the search. Besides Google, you can also use other search engines, thanks to the “Custom search engines” function.
  • Veracity: this completely free app, available for iPhone and iPad, allows you to reverse the images, starting from those on the device. Once you have downloaded and launched the application, you will need to tap the Camera Roll, Photo Library, Dropbox or Clipboard icon, depending on the location of the photo you want to reverse. After a few seconds, you will be able to view the screen with all the results obtained.

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