How to find out who unfollowed your Instagram (or doesn’t follow you back)

Do you know who unfollows you or doesn’t follow you on Instagam? Users already have this information in the app itself; The social network shows, when entering someone’s profile, if the person matches the follow (follow you). But you have to go into each profile one by one to find out the information.

How to find out who unfollowed your Instagram (or doesn't follow you back)

It may be more advantageous to follow up with a separate app: so you don’t have to look at one user at a time, you can unfollow who doesn’t follow you, and even follow who unfollows you whenever a new user gives up following your social network account.

The app in question is Reports +, which, as the name suggests, offers some reports about your Instagram account. The app is available for Android and iPhone and shows statistics like:


  • Who gave you unfollow: Available on the app’s home, the statistics only start counting after you have installed the app. Just tap the number and pick the people you want to unfollow back;
  • who doesn’t follow you back: Also in the app’s home, you can tap to see the full list (as shown in the image above). To unfollow who doesn’t follow you, tap Select (top right)> Unfollow (app footer);

The free version also shows in the app home who you don’t follow back but follow your account, how many likes and comments your profile has in total, the average per post and, after three days of use, a graphics pack with information Useful.

In the Pro version, which costs $4.99 (or $23.99 a year at a discount), you can also see statistics such as who dislike your photos, blocked your user, most popular posts and add more than one account. If you really like these metrics, it may be worth signing.

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