How to Find the IP Address of All Routers

If you have a router at home and you need to know its IP address, here’s the guide for you to find out in just a few clicks the address of any router installed at home

Guide to know the IP address of the Router of any operator

If you have an internet connection at home you definitely have a router that allows you to access the network and often may need to have the IP address assigned perhaps to configure the internal network, access the settings and more.

router, both Wifi and wired network with cables, whether ADSL or fiber, will have assigned an IP address and today let’s see how to find out.

Knowing the IP address of the router or Default Gateway

To know the IP address of the router at home you do not need to be system engineers, hackers or experts but through a command you can find it in a few clicks.

In fact, by connecting to the router we can:

  • Change the Wifi password
  • Change our Wifi name
  • Customize the Wifi
  • Change the DNS
  • Change internet access parameters
  • Enable the Firewall
  • more

Finding the IP address of the home router [Help]

To find the IP of the home router, you need to type the IPCONFIG command . from terminal in the Windows Command Prompt.

What is the IPCONFIG command?

In computer science, IPCONFIG (Internet protocol configuration) on Windows is a terminal-based application that displays all the TCP/IP network configuration values in the network cards installed on the device and you can also change the DHCP settings (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) and DNS (Domain Name System).

Know the IP of the home router from the CMD with the IPCONFIG command

Without this premise, to access the IPCONFIG command we must use the Windows Command Prompt. We can access the Windows Command Prompt by writing CMD in Run or Search for Programs and Files or in Cortana and then start the Prompt by clicking on the small black icon.

Once we are in the prompt, simply type the following command, to know the IP of the home router:


In response, as seen in the image in the opening article you will receive the IP of your PC and the router that is composed of 32 bits (4 bytes) divided into 4 groups of 8 bits, for example or

The item that interests us is Default Gateway ……………… .: where on the side there is the IP of the home router of our telephone operator or customized as TIM, Fastweb, Infostrada, Vodafone, Telecom and others.

Now if you enter your browser, such as Chrome, the IP address shown, in my case router ip  is 192.168.l.254, you will access the settings of the router.

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