Here’s how to remove advertising from Spotify in Win, MAC and Android

How to block and remove advertising completely on Spotify without paying the subscription without listening to annoying advertising perennial. With our guide you will always block it on Windows, MAC and Android

Remove and circumvent advertising on Spotify manually

The continuous blocking of the cracked apps, intensification of advertising broadcast on Spotify, is that many rely on methods to block and bypass the continuous advertising that are transmitted on the music streaming service that in many cases are sent every 10 minutes.

Today we’re going to see how to permanently block ads on Spotify without using external programs or using modified versions of the app that endanger your security.

Spotify in the free version allows you to listen to music freely, but with the inclusion of frequent advertisements but we reveal the tricks to block advertising on Windows, MAC and Android.

The trick is very simple, because we’re going to modify the Windows HOSTS file, MAC and Android to be able to block all of Spotify commercials that will not be sent because removed from our changes in practice advertising there will be but we do not hear anything because the program will not take any sound.

The first activity is to see how to modify the HOSTS file that is present on both Windows and MAC and Android.

Windows and block the advertising of Spotify on Windows

  • To edit the host file you need to go to the C:/Windows/System32/drivers/etc/directory
  • Find the host file and click with the right mouse button and select the item Open With -> Find Windows Notepad
  • Now that you have opened the host file, you can edit it as a normal text file and proceed with the change that we will describe later.

How to modify the hosts file on macOS and Mac OS X and block the advertising of Spotify on macOS

  • Start the Terminal from Applications -> Utilities or start it via Spotlight
  • Type the command cd/private/etc/ to go to the folder containing the file
  • Type sudo pico hosts
  • Enter the password of your account on Mac and click Enter
  • The hosts file screen will appear on Mac OS X: move down the last line of the file with the arrow keys
  • Enter the chosen IP address and hostname, also by copy/paste
  • Press CTRL + O to save
  • Press CTRL + x to exit the terminal.

How to edit the hosts file on Android  and block the advertising of Spotify on Android

On Android, unfortunately, you can not edit the HOSTS file if you do not have the ROOT permissions enabled and then you must first get them on your device, the guide changes from device to device then search on Google, “How to ROOT on your smartphone model-“.

Once you have obtained the ROOT permissions on your device you will need to download the HOSTS file and to do so you must connect your device to the PC via ADB, read our ADB guide and Fastboot Android: Full Guide For Beginners

Now that you have connected your smartphone via ADB to access the hosts file, type the following command:

db pull /system/etc/hosts android_hosts.txt

We have now copied the Android HOSTS file to the ADB folder in a simple text file. We modify the file with the following parameters and then re-save the Android HOSTS file

adb shell


mount -o remount,rw /system



adb root

adb push android_hosts.txt /system/etc/hosts

HOSTS file to block advertising on Spotify

Now that we have seen how to modify the host file on Windows, MAC and Android, let’s see what to copy to the bottom of the file after the last line and add the following data to block Spotify ads on Windows, MAC and Android.

You must copy and paste the text below after the last line as shown in the following image:

Insert these strings in the Windows Host file: Delete Spotify Free advertising

Insert these strings in the MAC Host file: Delete Spotify Free advertising

We have done several tests and everything works regularly with the blocking of 100% of advertising on Spotify.

If you know a more efficient way to block and eliminate advertising on Spotify, please write it in the comments.

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