Where to find the list of songs recognized by Siri

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Even before Apple decided to definitively acquire all the services offered by Shazam, the agreements between the two companies seemed quite important and absolutely convenient for all users of iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. In particular, what is still very useful today is the possibility to ask Siri to recognize a song being played in the surrounding environment, thus avoiding wasting time unlocking the device, opening the app needed to do everything and start the registration.

The acquisition obviously brought substantial improvements, such as the possibility of reproducing or opening the song recognized in the Apple Music catalog, in the event that there is an active subscription to the aforementioned service.

Recognize a song with Siri and find it on iTunes

To “recognize a piece” we obviously intend to start a sort of recording of a track being played in the surrounding environment using the microphones of the device, so as to discover information on the title and the artist. Siri is able to do all this by using its integration with Shazam and to start the procedure it will be enough to invoke the aforementioned voice assistant and say the command “Which song is this?”. 

The title of the recognized song will appear on the screen in a few seconds but upon exiting the screen it will be, at first glance, completely lost. Actually iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch keep all the tracks recognized by Siri in memory and to view them for a quick consultation you will need to take advantage of the iTunes Store application.

  • Open the iTunes Store application
  • Click on the button at the top right (icon with three lines and three squares)
  • Move to the “Siri” tab

Here you will find all the songs, accompanied by a button to proceed with the purchase on iTunes. Clicking on the title instead will access the album and the possibility of listening through Apple Music.


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