How to find you Android in case you lost it or forget where it is

Lost your Android smartphone or tablet? With Android device management you can locate it, find it, block it or reset it. Here is how it works

Finding a lost Android device can be a difficult task. The device search function, similar to Find My iPhone, is essential if you have lost your Android smartphone or tablet and want to find it again.

Google has thought of everything: there is in fact an official and completely free service for the management of Android devices that allows you to track down in a very short time the device dispersed remotely: it is Find my Android.

A function to be activated in a few simple steps and that often many users ignore: locating our Android smartphone provides extra security for the most distracted, but it can also be useful in case of theft (even if there are some limitations not indifferent).

Find my Android: here’s how to activate it

To activate “Find my Android” you need your device to be enabled for some essential permissions. The most important is the geolocation, which must be active, in addition to the fact that to be located your device must remain on and connected to a Google account, a connection to the internet is required via mobile or Wi-Fi.

How to activate “Find my Android”? You have to go to “Settings” and scroll to “Security” (note: in some smartphones the option is contained in “Lock Screen” and “Security”, see for example Samsung).

Once the section has been opened, you must look for the item “Device administrators” (in some versions it is located under Other security settings): clicking on “Administrators” authorized “Find my Device” to access your data.

Find my Android: how to use it

Once you have enabled “Find My Android” on your device, you just have to try and locate it remotely. You can do it from another smartphone or tablet, but the best solution is undoubtedly the PC.

By accessing from your browser, you can connect to the official Google page dedicated to the service. Once done, authenticate yourself through the Gmail account associated with the lost device.

Without this the position of your Android device will be displayed via GPS, as long as it has not been turned off or the cell phone or tablet turned off (the latter is a decidedly unfavorable condition in case of theft).

“Find my Android”, if enabled without problems, also allows you to find your lost smartphone/tablet not only outside, but also at home: to do so you just need to ring the device remotely, even if the silent active for well five minutes. In this way, the home hiding should not have more secrets.

How to block Android smartphone

You can also lock your device. Clicking on the remote option with “Find my Android” the device will block, forcing those who found it (or stolen) to enter the correct credentials to unlock it: PIN, Pattern, password or fingerprint. You can also send a personalized message in case of loss of your phone.

Finally, you can also opt for the most extreme operation, eliminating the device through the Delete command: in this way, you will permanently delete all your data from the hard disk of the device (unlike the data on microSD).
Activating this option will no longer allow you to use your device: think carefully and opt for this choice only if you think it is extremely necessary.

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