Apple has introduced the ability to automatically unlock the Mac by having an Apple Watch on the wrist in one of the latest versions of MacOS. It’s a very handy feature that I use every time I have to unlock the MacBook to access it. It is a function that would be very welcome even with other operating systems.

If you use a PC or notebook with Windows 10, would you like to have this function also to unlock a Windows computer? To use this feature, it is not necessary to have the expensive Apple smartwatch on the wrist, but it is also possible with the cheapest Xiaomi Mi Band. If you own one of these Xiaomi devices, you’ll be happy to discover that you can unlock Windows PC with Mi Band 2 or the latest version 3. It is a procedure that can activate all easily, just read the contents of this guide and find out how you can activate this feature quickly and easily.

The Xiaomi Mi Band 3 is the most popular fitness tracker currently on the market of Xiaomi and allows you to communicate with smartphones and PCs via Bluetooth. Windows 10, for its part, allows the execution of this operation when we are in the lock screen. The combination of these two factors allows you to enable the unlock function of Windows 10 on the PC without entering password or anything else. You can unlock your computer simply by having a Xiaomi Mi Band 2 or 3 on your wrist. All you need is a Windows 10 PC with Bluetooth and a Xiaomi Mi Band.

Unlock Windows PC with Mi Band 2 and 3

The first thing you need to do is download the Mi Unlock Tool application you can find it for free on the Windows Store. It is an application developed by a Chinese boy. If you do not see it on the store, then you have to temporarily change the region of your Windows PC. To do so, just go to  Settings -> Regions and language and select China from the list. Restart the computer to validate the change. You should now be able to install the Mi Unlock Tool app.

Start Mi Unlock Tool and go to the Scan Band tab. In this screen you will have the possibility to combine your Mi Band 2 or 3 with the app installed on the PC. Warning: you can combine only one device to your PC. The tool will start scanning all the Bluetooth devices in the vicinity. In order for your Mi Band device to be found, you must deactivate the Bluetooth connection of the smartphone to which it is connected.

After a couple of minutes, Mi Unlock Tool will show your Xiaomi Mi Band. Click the Bind button to start the pairing process. When prompted, press the button on the Mi Band to confirm the procedure. At this point Windows will ask you for the PC credentials made up of the password you use to log in to Windows. This procedure will authorize authentication through the Mi Band. Enter your PC password and confirm.

That’s all. Now the tool installed on your computer will automatically activate the command when the computer unlock screen appears and if your Mi Band is detected nearby, the Windows 10 PC will automatically unlock.

Warnings of use

In order for this method to work, your Mi Band must remain disconnected from your smartphone. If it is connected to the phone, the Windows PC will not be able to detect the device and the unlock will not be possible. So, my advice is to keep off the Bluetooth of your smartphone during the day, turning it on only when needed, so that the Mi Band can connect to the PC without problems. You can enable the connection between Mi Band and Smartphone after unlocking the PC and only when you have to synchronize your progress. Moreover, keeping the Bluetooth off, you will also save your smartphone’s battery.

In order to fully utilize the potential of this inexpensive smart bracelet, I recommend installing some apps that allow you to improve the basic features of the Mi Band 2 and 3 that you find in this guide.
App for Mi Band 2 and Mi Band 3: which to install to get new features


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