How to fix slow internet connection

Your internet connection is not good? while you are browsing everything stops or the loading of the pages of websites becomes very slow?

Most likely you have already tried to restart the wifi router, or you tried to change browser (firefox, chrome) but the situation has not been resolved. Let’s see what you can do to get back to surfing at normal speed with your Windows 7/8/10 PC.

Having a slow internet connection or getting stuck is clearly a nuisance, especially when you can not spot the problem.

If the other computers or smartphones connected to the wifi network can have a fast internet connection, then it is clear that the problem of the connection depends on the network configuration of the PC or the programs installed on it.

To find and solve the problem of slow connection you can use Complete Internet Repair.

It is a completely free PC program, which allows you to fix most of the problems related to PC configuration, such as those caused by malware removal, DNS problems, registry errors, internet crashes, bad proxy settings and so on.

Complete Internet Repair will help you solve slow browsing problems and re-establish your Internet connection in a snap.

Complete Internet Repair is very easy to use, thanks to a very well structured user interface.

Just select the option that corresponds to your problem and the program will take care of the rest. In the case of a slow connection or blocking it is advisable to repair these items, check the following:

  • Reset internet protocol TCP / IP
  • Reipar Winsock (Reset Catalog)
  • Flush DNS Resolver Cache
  • Reset Windows Firewall Configuration
  • Restore the Default hosts file

Remember not to make any corrections if there are no problems, you could only make things worse.

The program is available here: Complete Internet Repair free download, and the use does not provide any paid option. It also highlights the compatibility with Windows 10.

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