Google has created a new section within the Play Store, called Android Excellence, where the best apps for Android are selected and recommended.

There are millions and millions of apps on Google Play (free and paid), it is often difficult to find the right app that is useful for our needs.

Google has thought well to facilitate us a little research work suggesting us the best 16 Android applications of the Excellence App series.

Every three months, Google updates the list of apps and games and inserts the best of the Play Store in Android Excellence: applications are chosen for high quality, excellent user experience and high performance.

The new list includes 13 apps and 11 games. Many of these apps will certainly not go unnoticed by those who attend the Play Store routinely, and in some cases are real gems in their respective fields.

If you want to know all the best new apps included in the Android Excellence selection, you will find below links to related apps on the Play Store.

Best android apps

Best android games

Do you agree with the choices made by Google for the Play Store’s Android Excellence program? Is there any other android app that you think you deserve to get into the rankings?


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