8 Best Apps to Create Free Ringtones on iPhone

Even today there are those who spend to buy the ringtones: it is an expense that can be avoided, thanks to the best 8 apps to create free ringtones on iPhone. Using these free applications, you can create ringtones from the music library on iTunes, and choose different elements such as pre-set tones and sound effects. What is certain is that these apps are not just roses and flowers: many of them are full of ads, and some are complicated to use and manage. Also, while these apps are free, the songs on iTunes are not. Let’s have look:

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  4. Ringtone Designer
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  7. Free Ringtones
  8. Ringtones for iPhone

1. Create Ringtones – ^

Let’s start our article on the best apps to create free ringtones on iPhone talking to you about Create Ringtones. It is an application that allows you to make ringtones at home, and which is also equipped with personalized tones, along with some very elegant and useful functions and options for this purpose.

In fact, you can create a unique result by recording for example the ringtone from the microphone of your iPhone, then you can also send it to your friends. In contrast, Create Ringtones is not however free from defects. The worst of all is the following: you will not be able to create ringtones for iPhone longer than 40 seconds. If you want to do it, you will inevitably have to pay the app ($ 0.99).

2. Ringtones 500000+ – ^

The second app on our list is Ringtones 500000+. In reality this application offers two possible distinct approaches, when you decide to create free ringtones on iPhone: it allows you to create a ringtone of your own, or to download one of the many pre-set ringtones in its database. As its name suggests, on Ringtones 500000+ you can literally find a lot of ringtones and warning tones.

The positive side is that all these tones are organized in an excellent and functional, according to different categories, such as hip hop, animals, comedy and much more. Then find a good editor that lets you customize your ringtone, creating tones for your phone, using the microphone to record them, or even applying special effects to your voice. In contrast, the app is full of rather annoying and intrusive advertisements.

3. Ringtone Converter – ^

In the list of the best apps to create free ringtones on iPhone also includes Ringtone Converter. Let’s talk about a great choice to make free tones, especially because it has no limit and allows you to tap into your music library. Of course, like all other applications of this type, Ringtone Converter also has its shortcomings: in this case we do not speak of advertising banners but of duration, since you can not exceed 30 seconds of ringtone. On the other hand, it is also very simple to use: although the interface is not particularly elegant, this app proves to be a more than solid choice.

4. Ringtone Designer – ^

Ringtone Designer also deserves to be mentioned in this article, even if all in all it does not bring anything particularly sensational: this means that it roughly resembles the app that we have already talked about before, and with it shares both qualities and defects.

For example, the maximum duration of the ringtones created with this app can not exceed 30 seconds, but it must be said that the interface is simple and therefore the app is very easy to use. How does it work? Just select a song from the music library, and then cut the part you want to use for your ringtone. You can also create an unlimited number of custom ringtones, and even add a wide range of sounds, or pair the various ringtones to your different contacts in the phone book.

5. DJ ringtone – ^

DJ ringtone is an application that actually looks like a mixer, especially if you analyze its main interface, only for the purpose of creating free ringtones for iPhone. You can use its window to select the sound waves of a song, edit the snippets and then preview what you’ve got.

Once you have made the audio clip, you will not actually be able to do anything else: not because you do not have the chance, but because the extra features are only available for a fee. By buying the app, you can add different sound effects and voice recordings, or change the tone of the sound, along with many other things. Let’s say that the interface of this application is quite complex to use, even if the application of paid effects turns out to be very simple.

6. Ringtone Maker Free – ^

In the list of the best apps to create free ringtones on iPhone we also find Ringtone Maker Free: a rather simple application, which you can use to create a personalized ringtone, along with the various notification tones to be set on the phone. How to use Ringtone Maker Free? Simply select the song, select the section to use through the graphic editor interface, and then decide whether to apply different effects or not. For example, at your disposal you find fades in opening and closing, although the package is rather limited. Before proceeding, here you need to make a very important premise: unlike other applications, Ringtone Maker Free offers you a set of really free ringtones.

7. Free Ringtones – ^

The penultimate app of our list is Ringtones Free: an application that uses many of the features already seen previously, and which provides you with a small editor for creating custom ringtones, starting with the music that is in your library. In addition, this application also allows you to load pre-set ringtones, or use the microphone to capture voice and sound, and to add them to your ringtone by removing audio impurities. You can also share your creations on social networks like Facebook and Twitter, but also with the community of the same app. Among the effects included in this application, you will find fades, tone settings and the inverter sound clip.

8. Ringtones for iPhone – ^

Ringtones for iPhone offers you three ways to add new ringtones: you can use songs from your phone’s music library, and decide to cut a ringtone section of it, using the app’s integrated editor. Alternatively, you can use the microphone to record sounds and voices, which you can then use to create the ringtone. Finally, if you’re in a hurry, you can select one of the many pre-set ringtones that come with this app.

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