Fortnite, Marshmello event: what is it, time and date of the virtual concert

Fortnite: all the details of the Marshmello event, which will feature the American DJ in a virtual concert inside the game: here and when.

Fortnite is preparing for a new event that will see the protagonist Marshmello: the American DJ will be the undisputed protagonist of a fantastic virtual concert to which all members of the multi-platform Epic Games can participate. But what exactly is the Marshmello event and when will it be possible to participate in it?

These are the questions that have been gripping for several days the users of Fortnite, who wonder how to participate in the virtual exhibition of Marshmello which, between rewards and special rules, promises to be an unprecedented event. Let’s see together all the details on the matter, from the date to the exact time (together with the place) in which to connect to participate.

Fortnite Marshmello event: how and when to participate

The event has a date: it will be held on February 2, at 8 PM GMT and the virtual place will be the Pleasant Park of Fortnite. To participate then you will not have to do anything else but connect to the game and at the appointed time and go to the prepared area, located in the northwest corner of the map.

The insiders, who have analyzed the codes of the game looking for clues about rewards and exclusive additional content, have discovered several Marshmello-themed skins, all recalling the unmistakable mask of the DJ and music producer. Then there are the emotes, or the iconic dances of Fortnite: there are two ballets obtainable during the event, the Marsh Walk and the Keep It Mello. Also present a special object, the Marshy Smasher, or a useful pickaxe that will testify your participation in the events.

Also according to the leak the event will feature a special, limited-time mode called “Party at Pleasant Park“: during the concert it should be impossible to start a clash between the participants, Epic Games’ intent is to make the most enjoyable experience possible.

Epic Games also stressed that all the Marshmello-themed content, including the event, will be free from any type of copyright but nevertheless can not in any way monetize the event, cutting out the publication on the most famous live streaming platforms such as Twitch and YouTube if for profit.

To follow the event it will therefore be necessary to connect to the performance time via iOS or Android smartphones, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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