Samsung folding smartphone can become a console to play games on phone

Smartphone points to mobile gaming with a foldable smartphone with controls: a new patent appears.

It’s no secret that Samsung is working on a new folding smartphone: the real news now comes from a mysterious patent that shows a folding device with controls apparently reserved for mobile gaming.

A real portable console, equipped with a new generation folding screen and physical buttons inserted inside the body: Samsung seems to look beyond the competition, now more and more oriented towards folding displays, focusing on the mobile gaming market.

Everyone plays on smartphonesFortnite, the battle royale phenomenon of the moment, confirms itself as an unchallenged leader in the sector (which has recently also introduced the possibility of using a wireless controller to play better from mobile) followed by Pokémon Go, Clash of Clans and Candy Crush. However, Samsung’s intentions go in a very specific direction.

Samsung: folding smartphone to play from mobile

According to the new patent, reported online by Let’s Go Dgital, the mysterious Samsung smartphone is equipped with a folding screen and a special lower section containing a cleat with controls apparently reserved for mobile gaming: directional arrows on the left and control panel on the right.

The smartphone, once folded, hides the command bar in the back, turning the device into a “normal” full-screen smartphone.

The patent of the Samsung folding smartphone with the commands to play from mobile

Obviously, since it is a simple patent, there is no confirmation regarding an alleged launch or official presentation: a project could remain deposited without ever actually being realized (in the past it happened with different iPhone models). Yet, Samsung provides some more clues thanks to the recent brand Neuro Game Booster, recorded last January 21 at the Office of the European Union for Intellectual Property.

The interest of the South Korean company for mobile gaming could be much stronger than it seems, opening the future of Samsung smartphones to new shores. We’ll see if news about this will emerge during the Mobile World Congress in February.

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