Fortnite Season 7: here is everything you need to know

Season 7 of Fortnite arrives: here are all the innovations introduced by the update. Fortnite Season 7: all about Pass Battle, Mode, Challenges and more

News Fortnite Season 7

With the usual punctuality of the Epic Games brand, the new season 7 of Fortnite has begun today, the one reserved for the winter period.

Let’s not waste time and see what comes with Fortnite Season 7, one of the most anticipated updates ever!

The main new features introduced by the new 7.00 patch are dedicated to ice, creativity and airplanes, but the Creative mode is also very interesting: an island that can be customized both in aesthetics and in the way of playing that allows players to create their own island, within which to customize the environment and, with it, the way to play.

Holders of the Battle Pass will have access to the Creative mode as of today and have four islands on which to experiment with various creations. For all other users it will be accessible from December 13th.

Other novelties include covers, which can be used to customize the appearance of weapons and vehicles and the introduction of the X-4 Stormwing aircraft, which can accommodate up to five seats and can dominate the skies and sow panic on the battlefield, thanks to the machine gun mounted on the command post. As promised, the Fortnite aircraft are finally reality and go to join the already present bizarre vehicles of the Battle Royale.

Regarding Save the world, this season has arrived the third act of the campaign Vallarguta, which marks the epilogue of the series of missions. New tasks and new maps have been added, but above all it is possible to unlock a mythical reward at the end of the campaign.

Moreover, in the areas of the battle royale mode map, a new biome (the iceberg) and new areas, such as the polar slopes and Borgallegro, are introduced. In short, the iceberg and the snow have really arrived on the game map, changing it deeply in its central-western part, in the area between the Lethal Lande (to the east) and the snobbish beaches (to the west).

The whole territory is now covered by a white snow-covered mantle, complete with a frozen pond, mountains, cable cars and many other details to be discovered. However, you must pay attention to the Skins you have selected, because a completely white background introduces considerable tactical problems in the Royal Battle: a very colorful costume is immediately seen even from a distance and snipers wait no more.

Season 7 then introduces stability and performance improvements in different versions of the game. For example, the layout of data on Xbox One has been improved to reduce loading times and “mitigate streaming problems”.

On macOS the minimum version to play Fortnite becomes 10.13.6 and several bugs have also been fixed, such as the problem of degrading performance when loading content. On iPad Pro 2018 it is now possible to play 60 FPS and the MSAA 4x anti-aliasing on iOS has been reactivated.

In addition, support for the Samsung Galaxy A9 (2018) was added.

A brand new Battle Pass

Speech aside for the new Battle Pass, whose prizes are more full than ever: just think that all the new Progressive Skin of Fortnite of the new season, ie those able to evolve and change aesthetically, are accessible only for players who buy the seasonal pass.

It costs 950 V-buck, but offers contents that are worth at least five or six times as much, not to mention that among the prizes there are the V-bucks themselves.

Among the prizes proposed, those in evidence are obviously the unpublished costumes, including two provided immediately to all buyers (Lynx and Zenith), the others will instead be earned or completing the weekly missions or purchased in exchange for real currency.

The most important Skin of all, the Ice King, will naturally be the most coveted by the players: it is a sort of Arthas of World of Warcraft and its styles of personalization have seemed really bad.

In the Pass of Battle of the Season 7 of Fortnite also the Cubs, introduced with the Halloween season of the Battle Royale: the new arrivals are the Hamster and the Wolf, also with pleasant personalizations, and there is even a little dog with pattern that closely resemble the Skull Troope style.

Here, these are all the news of Fortnite Season 7. There are several, are not they?

Fortnite Season 7 – Trailer

Fortnite Season 7 – New Pass Battle

Source: Epic Games

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