How to find out who viewed my Instagram profile for free

Do you want to know who checked your Instagram profile? In this we will see how to see who views your Instagram profile with a simple method.

From our Instagram profile we can see who has watched the Stories and also how many have viewed our videos. What if we told you that there is also a way to know who sees someone else’s Instagram profile? A disturbing perspective, which would lead many users to escape from the most loved social.

In reality, Instagram does not have a real indicator that shows who has looked at photos and posts published, functionality otherwise also missing from Facebook for the same reason as above.

App to know who looks at your Instagram profile

If you want to know who looks at your Instagram profile and the photos you publish know that there are apps created for this purpose, both for iPhone and iPad and for Android devices. For iOS there is InstaView of MobileArts LLC, for Android Who viewed my Instagram. Both do not say exactly who has seen our profile, but they calculate the activity on Instagram allowing to obtain data related to users who have interacted with us recently. None will then show the first and last name, but the list of users with whom we exchanged more hearts, comments, tags to photos and messages in Direct.

These are obviously third-party apps and are not endorsed or certified by Instagram.

One way to know who has watched your videos on Instagram is to see who has put the heart or left a comment, while for the Stories we know that everything is very simple because under each story appears the list of all the people who have it watched, both in real time and at the end of 24 hours.

Another trick to know who looks at our profile is Instagram Business, which is the Instagram version for the company page. You can switch from the standard profile to the company page from the Settings, going to the Options menu. From here you can view your metrics, which can be accessed via both a native app and an Instagram analysis tool. The statistics will show you the sex of your followers, the geographic origin, the average age, the number of visits in the profile and every time a single user has seen your post.

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