Epic Games launches store and promises games for free

After just commenting that it would have its own gaming storeFortnite kept the promise and launched its own direct-selling platform. Named after Epic Games Store, the developer of Fortnite wants to hit Valve by offering a free game every two weeks.

In addition to delivering a title at no cost, Epic has changed the way it apportions the amount paid by the user. The competition, like Valve’s Steam, passes 80% of the value it receives from the purchase to the developer, getting 20% to pay for servers and all store costs. Epic announced yesterday that it will have 12% of the sale, with 88% of the purchase in the hands of developers of the game.

For now the number of games available is small and includes the obvious Fortnite and the recent AshenHadesHello NeighborGenesis Alpha One and even the promise to bring Journey to the PCs, after spending a lot of time as exclusive to PlayStation.

The look of the store is fairly minimalist and simpler to understand than Steam. “As developers, we’ve always wanted a platform with great savings that connects us directly with our players. Thanks to Fortnite’s success, we now have this and are ready to share with other developers”, said Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic Games.

The list of free games puts the Subnautica between December 14 and 17 and Super Meat Boy from December 28 until January 10. The games are sold in US dollars, but payment can be made in billet, bank transfer, credit card and using PayPal or Amazon account.

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