6 Most useful Android Apps in daily life you will need in 2019

Advancement in technology has made human life easier than before. Nowadays almost everyone owns a smartphone. The evolution of technology can be witnessed by the number of applications available on the Play Store. The advent of apps caused a revolution in almost every field like photography, shopping, entertainment, communication, education, business, and weather. These apps cover all people across different ages, children and teens interested in the best Android games, productivity apps for professionals, and many other health and fitness apps for the fitness freaks. There are few applications which come under the daily list of our fast-moving lives.

  1. CamScanner

    CamScanner is one of the best documents scanning and sharing app available for mobile. We can quickly digitize paper documents by just using the mobile camera. Features like auto enhancing and smart cropping provide a good scan quality. CamScanner allows sharing PDFs and JPEG files. Customized watermarking option is also available. Secure important documents with passwords. Advanced document editing, and easy sharing are some of the important features available.

  2. SHAREit

    SHAREit is the fastest file sharing app in the world. The highest speed of file transfer touches up to 20MB/s. SHAREit has made the transfer of files, photos and videos, and other applications without any physical connection possible. We can transfer the files without compromising the quality. A video player is also available which supports all video formats.

  3. Google Maps

    Google Maps allows to reach any unknown destination easily. Office goers can use the real-time GPS navigation feature to identify less traffic routes and commute to their destinations earlier. When people visit new tourist spots it helps to explore the local neighbourhood. Another important feature is the automatic rerouting option. Here, the navigation is adapted based on the real-time transit information relating to road closures, and other incidents. The best places to eat, drink, dine-in, and shop can be easily discovered in the neighbourhood. People can download the map and then use it while offline. People can use the indoor map feature to quickly find their way in a mall, stadium, or airport.

  4. HealthifyMe

    Currently, people don’t even have time to think about whether they are eating healthy or not. We use HealthifyMe app to keep track of what we eat, our calorie intake and the nutrition we consume. By entering the individual’s weight and height we can get a customized diet plan. Personal food tracker encourages to try healthy recipes and follow the diet plan. On the other hand, the fitness tracker allows to track the workout chart and motivates to do workouts at home.

  5. Evernote

    Evernote is a note-taking app which allows storing all data in a methodical and well-organized manner. It is available on multiple platforms. With the help of Evernote, the most important information can be carried anywhere and shared easily. Notes and to-do lists can be created in various formats and they can be synchronized across your devices. Businessmen can create agendas, memos and craft presentations to organize their daily work. Students can keep track of the upcoming exams, assignments and other deadlines. Many professionals use Evernote.

  6. AirDroid

AirDroid is a useful app for Android which allows people to access the smartphone remotely from the PC. This app enables users to transfer files remotely between PC and smartphone, and vice versa. The option of calling or sending SMS from the web browser is also available. AirDroid allows installing apps on the Android device at the comfort of a remote PC.

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