8 Best lite apps for your old smartphones for best performance

Lite“. You may have already seen this word in various offers in app stores, especially in the Google Play Store. These apps are lighter versions of the original software, especially designed for older smartphones, which do not support running the newer, heavier versions or those low-performance models, thanks to more modest specs like many new smartphones.

In this guide, we’ve listed eight well-known, well-used applications that have lite versions for more modest or older Android devices.

1. Facebook Lite

The Facebook Lite is among the lightest apps in this list. Weighing only 1.32 MB, versus 4.1 MB of the original (until it fills its cache, of course), it does not need the download of Messenger accessory, and incredible fact, it brings all the interactions: Stories, messages, photo sharing … everything is in its proper place. It works well on 2G networks (it was designed for this, incidentally), consumes less mobile data and features and runs on every Android device, from version 2.2 Froyo.

Facebook Lite for Android is free, can also be downloaded in official .APK and has an iOS (iPhone) version that, for the time being, only arrived in Turkey.

2. Messenger Lite

Still in the house of Facebook, Messenger Lite also runs on any device, even the cheapest and simplest. The cool part is that it has not omitted anything from the original experience, it is possible to send text and voice messages, talk in chats, make voice calls and even video, with less consumption of data and resources.

Messenger Lite for Android is free, and as the first item on this list, has an iOS version available only in Turkey.

3. Twitter Lite

The popular micro microblogging site also features a lightweight version of your mobile app. The Twitter Lite is a compressed version of the original but also powerful app, allowing publish tweets, GIFs and video messages, customize your profile and etc. All this in only 5 MB, and it also makes smart use of data connection and device features.

Twitter Lite is free.

4. Uber Lite

The Uber Lite was also thought in efficiency, especially in older and/or weak Android devices. It has a very clean and minimalistic interface, which hid the map of the surroundings (just a touch to access it), but offers the same features as its full counterpart. Informs the passenger the average time of arrival of the vehicle, offers contact options and everything else, in only 5 MB.

The Uber Lite is free.

5. Spotify Lite (Beta)

The Spotify Lite is an alternative for those who are fan deck and enjoy listening to music on your Android, but it has a very powerful smartphone. The problem is that this app was intended for users of the free plan, and because of this it is intentionally limited: it does not allow to create playlists, save songs offline, choose specific bands or the order of them, even if you are a Premium subscriber.

On the other hand, it only weighs 5 MB, consumes little data and resources and works well on 2G networks; can be an interesting option for those who want to access the Spotify library on a more modest smartphone without having to sign the service.

Spotify Lite is free.

6. Kindle Lite

Those who like to read find Amazon Kindle Lite a good option. It originally weighs 2 MB, and reaches 12 MB with the cache but still is very light (the original starts at 160 MB) and runs fine on 2G networks. Allows you to read any book you already have in your account, but limits the font type to only one (the size can be adjusted) and does not allow you to change the line spacing.

The dictionaries are also left out, and the application does not allow you to select text.

On the other hand, for those who just want to read their books, articles and journals it is more than enough, and does not require much of the hardware even from limited smartphones.

The app is free and offers in-app purchases.

7. PUBG Mobile Lite

Even games have lightweight versions for weaker devices, and one of the highlights is PUBG Mobile Lite. The pocket version of the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds phenomenon is already a success in itself, but just like its counterpart, the most badly optimized game in the universe, it is an insane devourer of smartphone features.

With that in mind, Tencent Games made some adjustments and got the lightest version to deliver the same graphical performance and gameplay, with only two sacrifices: games last less, only 10 minutesmaps are smaller and combat is restricted to one maximum of 40 competitors at a time, instead of 100.

All the same, everything is excellent. And unlike the other apps on the list, it is not recommended to play on 2G networks because of latency.

PUBG Mobile Lite is a free game and has in-app purchases.

8. Instagram Lite (Mexico only)

The Instagram Lite comes to the end of this list for a reason: it is available in the phase of these only in Mexico, but Facebook has already promised to release it globally to Android users in the future, without setting dates. It is identical to the mobile web version, and as such does not allow sending videos or direct messages, which Facebook promised to include soon. Otherwise, everything is there: sending photos, creating Storiesinteracting with the timeline through messages and upload pic and applying filters.

If you are in Mexico or have a valid Google account in the country, you can try it for free.

You can also find other “lite” application options. Be careful, however, to be the same developer to avoid downloading clones and malicious apps.

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