How to remove advertising on TikTok for Android

In this guide we will see how to block, hide, remove and delete all ads in the TikTok app for Android.

Goodbye advertising on TikTok Android

Needless to deny it: TikTok (formerly Musically) is one of the most downloaded programs by users on the Android Play Store and in general one of the most appreciated ever.

Personally I do not like this app and I do not use it, but TikTok has really scary download numbers, a sign that the program is very widespread in the whole world.

Apart from this, as you may know TikTok is a completely free app, but, like many others available on the Play Store, it is financed through advertisements within the program. 

When the ads are few and not too invasive they are the first to accept them, but reading various comments on the net I understand that the ads inside TikTok are really annoying. Many users in fact complain that the advertisements on TikTok are too many and appear too many times.

So I tried to download and install TikTok on my Android and I actually confirm that the ads within the program are really heavy.

So I did a search on the internet and I discovered a way to hide, block, remove and delete advertisements in TikTok for Android. 

Quickly and easily even novice users can get rid of the annoying ads of TikTok for Android and, if you’re tired of these annoying ads within the app, below I’ll explain how to block them all quickly.

We do not waste time and start immediately with the guide.

Hide TikTok Android advertising

All you need to do to block, hide and remove TikTok ads on Android is as follows:

  • uninstall the TikTok app from your Android smartphone
  • download THIS modified version of TikTok for Android
  • when the download is complete, open the notifications of your smartphone and then on the file you just downloaded
  • the installation wizard screen will open: follow the on-screen instructions (a few clicks) to complete the installation of this modified version of TikTok for Android
  • When installation is complete, start TikTok and log in with your data
  • here you are: enjoy TikTok without advertising


Few and simple steps to get TikTok without ads on Android.

Now you just have to enjoy your “new” app without banners and various advertisements.

If you have any doubts or questions, leave a comment at the end of the article and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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